Will MySpace pollute Technorati?

Aaron of technosailor.com has pointed out that Technorati has been slowly indexing MySpace blogs. Steve Rubel shows a graph to support this.

With millions and millions of MySpace accounts added into Technorati, I tend to agree with Aaron that them pink blogs might take over the Technorati. We will start seeing more popular teens getting into the Technorati Top 100. And to think, there are already several MSN Spaces on the current list (no offense meant to MSN Space users ).

It’s that that blogs are about being elite and all that. It’s about making sense of all the noises out there. Will Technorati’s authority slider become more important because of this? Maybe that’s the reason they rolled it out before adding MySpace. :D

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  1. A Microsoft CTO, Ray Ozzie, blogs on MSN Spaces. Eating his own dog food, unlike Scoble!

  2. I have nothing against MySpace, but… it’s bout quality. MySpace is mostly for rants and teen angst.

  3. Not to mention… teX+ LiKE +hIs!!!!

    well, at least you can be assured that it’s going to be a CHALLENGE to read :D

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