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April 07, 2012

Filipinos are top Freelancers in oDesk

Wrote about this on TechWireAsia the other day (where I’m also a weekly contributor) that the Philippines is among the top 7 contractors in oDesk. Turns out, Filipinos are the top contractors peaking at around 11,000 freelancers.

The top 7 countries include the Philippines (10,900+), India (10,300+), United States (3,500), Bangladesh (2,200+), Pakistan (1,900+), Ukraine (2,400) and Russia (1,900).

However, based on a stack graph created by Panos Ipeirotis on his blog, Filipino contrators are the most active in oDesk. You can read my story over at TechWireAsia here.

The Philippines is already a huge market for BPOs (outsourcing) and the numbers on oDesk (for independent outsourcing/freelancing) does not really surprise us anymore. What I think is more important is that clients consider Filipinos as better contractors or provide higher ROI.

26 Responses to “Filipinos are top Freelancers in oDesk”

  1. Bogcess
    Twitter: Bogcess

    Wow, we surpassed india already? Nice! I’m proud to be a freelancer on oDesk.

    • kyx
      Twitter: kyxbasilio

      hi there been having a hard time in o desk dnt know the legit you have any suggestions!thanks much…appreciate all your help

  2. poldo says:

    Jobless pilipino will find a way to earn Online ^_^

    • Brickz says:

      Exactly. Just shows that Filipinos don’t have access to enough jobs or aren’t compensated enough.

  3. Rich says:

    And the Stupid BIR will find a way to tax the ordinary Filipino freelancer earning online.. :))

  4. ralph says:

    because of this blog malalaman ng mga tag BIR ito. . .

  5. ralph
    Twitter: ralphswurld

    because of this blog malaman ito ng mga taga BIR

  6. ralph says:

    bat baging spam yung blog post ko ? puttttttaaaaaaa

  7. john says:

    malalaman ito nga mga taga BIR salamat sa tulong mo ABE..mababawasan na sahod namin

    • beans says:

      not really… so long as the income is from sources outside the Philippines, it is not taxable.. online workers who work for foreign companies may be considered as OFWs by principle =)

    • BoyYabang says:

      @bean BIR yan wag mo maliitin yang mga yan basta pera gagawa ng paraan yang mga yan alam mo naman dito sa pilipinas kung sino pa ang mahirap yun pa ang pinahaharapan lalo.

  8. jozef
    Twitter: jozefrockz

    wee, I’m too, a Full Time oDesk contractor for 4 years now!! :) Go Pinoys!

  9. Lani says:

    How can i apply?

  10. el toro bumingo
    Twitter: eltorobumingo

    First time to hear about this. What am I missing? :(

  11. emignatius
    Twitter: emignatius

    Marami pa palang online contractors na di nagbabayad ng tax. Baka pati SSS nyo, hindi rin kayo nagcocontribute.

  12. curious says:

    We filipinos are lowering the rate at odesk. Too bad people are working 3-5 dollars an hour which is way too low.

  13. Odesk Philippines says:

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  14. Moi says:

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  15. Odin says:

    I work in Odesk and I am earning close to 50k a month. FU BIR tax your sh!t we are not paying you any cent

    • request to joingroup says:

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  16. Rie Avis says:

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  17. Carlo says:

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