Nominate: Top IT Companies to Work for in 2012

In 2009, we wrote a story about top IT companies to work for here in the Philippines. It’s one of the most highly engaged stories we’ve had with over a thousand comments. We wanted to update the same story but thought of involving our readers this time.

So we’re asking you to send in your nominations for our top 10 IT companies to work this 2012.

We’re partly inspired by Fortune’s annual list of best companies to work for.

We’ve already done our own research but wanted to expand the list first before publishing the story.

Our criteria revolves around the following factors:

● Compensation – the higher the pay, the better right?
● Perks and incentives – some companies offer additional monthly bonuses, free meals, transpo, day care for kids, scholarships, gym memberships, etc.
● Flexibility – flexible office hours and work-from-home options
● Employee Enhancement Programs – schooling, trainings, certifications, MBAs, etc.
● Office environment – facilities, structural design, work spaces, workplace technology, etc.

We’ve pre-identified a few companies that are likely candidates and will be including them into the nominations.

International companies like Microsoft Philippines, HP Philippines, Intel Philippines, Oracle, Yahoo!, IBM Philippines, Emerson are on the shortlist. So are dev and consulting companies like ACS, Novare, Accenture, Logica.

There are a few more on our shortlist but we’ll let you send in your nominations and comments.

Go hit the comments and help us write this story!

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  1. Accenture is the best among rest i will travel far and wide searching for B-I-t-c-h ass homeboy to train them is my real task Accenture got catch them all :)


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