Solon seeks to increase Night Differential of BPO employees to 25%

Congressman Zajid Mangudadatu, the current Representative of the 2nd District of Maguindanao and former Mayor of the town of Pandag, has recently filed the House Bill 4414 which aims to increase the current night shift differential pay of BPO employees from 10% to 25%.

As mandated by the Department of Labor and Employment under Article 86 of the Philippine Labor Code, “every employee shall be paid a night shift differential of not less than ten percent (10%) of his regular wage for each hour of work performed between 10PM and 6AM”.

However, Congressman Mangudadatu believes that the 10-percent increase in pay is not enough to compensate for the amount of stress that BPO employees undergo on a regular basis, not to mention the health hazard that they are exposed to by working in night shifts.

“BPO employees are often exposed to stress because they take calls of agitated or angry customers. They likewise make calls to customers of their companies for purposes of addressing concerns, making sales or other matters that require a lot of activity, resulting in undue stress. In addition, most BPOs operate during the night and this adds to the employees’ exposure to health hazard,”

Cong. Zajid Mangudadatu, 2nd District of Maguindanao

The solon also stated that the proposed additional night differential pay should not affect any additional benefits, both monetary and non-monetary, that a BPO employee is getting from their current company.

If passed, the House Bill 4414 will not only increase the graveyard shift pay by 15%, it will also penalize BPO companies who will not comply to it. This involves a fine of not less than Php250,000 and a suspension of their business permit for not less than 30 days.


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  1. Why do people still vote for stupid solons? If you are proposing an increase in salary, say Night Differential, why not make it across the board? Why for BPO peeps only? People in aviation suffer more stress than anybody else!

    • My thoughts as well. :D

    • kasi mababa ng magpasweldo sa BPO ngayon di katulad dati, wala union, at CBA, sa aviation meron kaya.

      pero syempre mas maganda nga ang lahat, pero pinag aaralan din yan kasi kung across the board baka di aprubahan dahil mag rereklamo ang mga employers pano naman yung ibang industriya na ok sa pag increase eh di sayang, kung gusto mo lumaki may union naman kayo eh..

    • kamote

      di lang naman bpo people ang nagtratrabaho sa gabi.. mga nurses, police, casino and hotel staffs etc sana iniisip din nila ibang tao

    • Hen-Sheen

      Union Group in Call Center? Wishful Thinking! 20 years from now, Call Center automation (CSR/TSR/CSA etc.) will take place and it’s inevitable… If I were me, I will go to Corporate H.Q. and negotiate for my job (with or without anyone’s help); should they come to the Philippines and Negotiate for us, that’s the last straw for the company/corporation. They pull out and gone with the wind….. Anyone out there who could stop this “EVOLUTION?”

  2. Ang dapat yung proposal ni Recto na iupdate yung tax exemption sa bonus. P30K is too low, presyong 1980’s pa yan. Dapat kasabay ng inflation yung tax exemptions. Typical na sa may 3 year work experience na sweldo ay 25-35K. So nag-o-automatic tuloy na yung may 14th or 15th month pay taxable kaagad. O kaya kapag nasa million ang annual pay meron additional tax sa kanila kasi di ba ang tax naman kapag malaki ang kita, malaki dapat ang tax. Palagi nalang mid-income earners ang dehado sa tax.

    • Boboykanga

      Malaki ang kita dapat malaki tax?

      Absent ka ba nung tinuro sa school ang percentages?

      Alam mo ba ang tax bracket?

      3 year work experience 25-35k? lahat ba ng industriya sinasabi mo?

  3. thelastcitizen

    Bobby, tama so boboy. Bago magsalita, magopen na muna ng excel at Google para di ka mapahiya.

    1. First, Philippine taxation for income drawn from salaries is one of the more onerous rates. Google it. So yes, masmalaki tax mo kapag masmalaki salary mo. To say that middle income earners have the biggest tax load is a LIE.

    2. You are seeing things from a narrow point of view (yours) without looking at the whole picture. If you put yourself in the shoes of someone earning 1M a year, diba masakit isipin na roughly 300K ang napupunta sa gobyerno?

    3. From the perspective of equity, maslalong dehado young bigger tax payer because they carry a relatively heavier load while still being a single beneficiary. For example, the taxes you pay goes to the same things that a 1M earner’s taxes go to. Magalit ka sa mga hindi nagbabayad ng buwis at wag soon as masmalaking ibinabayad kaysa sayo.

    4. You are no better than the congressman who came up with this. In your case, it’s the “magical” number of 1M income. Which study did you base that number on? Perhaps you would like to share your own computation that gave you that nice round number? Just like the esteemed congressman from Maguindanao, the center for the BPO industry worldwide, he also thinks he has the solution based on his enormous experience with BPO’s. **in vase this goes over your head, this is what sarcasm looks like in black and white**

    • satotoolang

      I get 44k a month. My take home pay is roughly 32k so that’s about 12k in deductions. It’s way lower than the 300k that you are saying but for the likes of me, that’s really a huge cut and that money could do so much for my family. I totally agree that an amendment to our taxation laws should be done soon. I support the bill/proposal (not quite sure if it’s already a bill) of Senator Angara that will look into this because definitely, our tax laws are obsolete.

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