Top IT Companies based on Employee Salaries

GigaOm ran a quick report on the top tech companies is the US based on the average salaries they gave their engineers/developers and Google came out on top. I wonder which tech companies in the Philippines would be on the top 10 if we had the same salary information.

Based on the numerous feedback I get from regular folks in the IT circle, here are my top guesses:

  • A lot of old classmates/schoolmates I heard that were employed to HP fresh from college says they have great salary packages. One fresh grad even got a car loan on his first year.
  • While very few developers could get into Oracle Philippines because of the vertical industry they are in, people say they have very nice compensation package to retain their top employees.
  • Canon Philippines has a ton of engineers and developers here in Manila working some stuff related to cameras, printers and the lot. While the pay is not really very high, developers get a chance to go on special projects in Japan ranging from several months to a couple of years. That’s the time when get the “pay bonus”.
  • IBM Philippines was once considered as the top company to work for and has been competitive salaries and a very mobile workplace environment.
  • Very little is known about Lakeside Technologies but when they put out an ad before looking for web developers, the starting salaries they were offering were very much higher than industry figures. I also had several former officemates and friends who used to work there and they confirmed the handsome pay. However, one commented that is “if you still want to have a personal life“. So okay, they pay you good and work you real hard.
  • Trend Micro, Inc. has a number of top notch antivirus engineers working at their offices in Libis. An old classmate tells me the pay is good but the hours are really bad.
  • HeadStrong Philippines. I used to work there before for several months so I have a fair idea of their compensation structure. However, friends that have recently worked there tells me the pay is good and the benefits are great (though not as great as it was 8 years ago). They have a fleet of private cars which will bring employees home if you work overtime (past 10PM).
  • Novare Technologies. I know a number of top notch engineers/developers (geeks) are working there so the pay must be really good.
  • Smart Communications has been very popular among employees for their extended month bonus. Last December 2006, employees were given up to 21-month bonus. Standard is only 13 months. That’s 8 months more.

Yahoo has just formally opened their office in the Philippines and since they are on GigaOm’s Top 10, they might also be the same here.

There are several other smaller companies that have very attractive compensation packages but I thought they might not be able to scale that once they grow much bigger. If you have some idea which tech companies I should include here, please do leave a comment. The ones I have here aren’t based on hard data so I might have listed some of them wrong too (which brings me, we should do an IT salary survey of sorts here).

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  1. gamechanger087

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  2. prettyboy

    I’m an ECE graduate and nagwowork ngayon dito sa eastwood… We use a company software pero di kami nagpoprogram… 5yrs na ko dito (3yrs TeamLead) pero ang salary hindi tumataas hindi na ko masaya… May friend ako na C# programmer sumasahod ng 120k, napag-isip isip ko kung magshift ako to IT… Nagbabasa basa na ko and nuod ng mga video about C# and balak kong mag-enrol ng training center like cnctc… Anu anu po ba mga companies na may C# na jobs for beginners and anu bracket ng salary?… Iba din po ba ang rate pag entry level ng may alam na and sa wala pang alam sa C#?

  3. prettyboy

    Nag-iisip ako kung magreresign naba ko para makafocus ako sa review, hirap magreview habang nagwowork…


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