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March 02, 2009

Top IT Companies based on Employee Salaries

GigaOm ran a quick report on the top tech companies is the US based on the average salaries they gave their engineers/developers and Google came out on top. I wonder which tech companies in the Philippines would be on the top 10 if we had the same salary information.

Based on the numerous feedback I get from regular folks in the IT circle, here are my top guesses:

  • A lot of old classmates/schoolmates I heard that were employed to HP fresh from college says they have great salary packages. One fresh grad even got a car loan on his first year.
  • While very few developers could get into Oracle Philippines because of the vertical industry they are in, people say they have very nice compensation package to retain their top employees.
  • Canon Philippines has a ton of engineers and developers here in Manila working some stuff related to cameras, printers and the lot. While the pay is not really very high, developers get a chance to go on special projects in Japan ranging from several months to a couple of years. That’s the time when get the “pay bonus”.
  • IBM Philippines was once considered as the top company to work for and has been competitive salaries and a very mobile workplace environment.
  • Very little is known about Lakeside Technologies but when they put out an ad before looking for web developers, the starting salaries they were offering were very much higher than industry figures. I also had several former officemates and friends who used to work there and they confirmed the handsome pay. However, one commented that is “if you still want to have a personal life“. So okay, they pay you good and work you real hard.
  • Trend Micro, Inc. has a number of top notch antivirus engineers working at their offices in Libis. An old classmate tells me the pay is good but the hours are really bad.
  • HeadStrong Philippines. I used to work there before for several months so I have a fair idea of their compensation structure. However, friends that have recently worked there tells me the pay is good and the benefits are great (though not as great as it was 8 years ago). They have a fleet of private cars which will bring employees home if you work overtime (past 10PM).
  • Novare Technologies. I know a number of top notch engineers/developers (geeks) are working there so the pay must be really good.
  • Smart Communications has been very popular among employees for their extended month bonus. Last December 2006, employees were given up to 21-month bonus. Standard is only 13 months. That’s 8 months more.

Yahoo has just formally opened their office in the Philippines and since they are on GigaOm’s Top 10, they might also be the same here.

There are several other smaller companies that have very attractive compensation packages but I thought they might not be able to scale that once they grow much bigger. If you have some idea which tech companies I should include here, please do leave a comment. The ones I have here aren’t based on hard data so I might have listed some of them wrong too (which brings me, we should do an IT salary survey of sorts here).

1,091 Responses to “Top IT Companies based on Employee Salaries”

  1. jasp says:

    tanong lang ,,,undergrad palang ako…marami pa pa bang job para samen pag ka graduate,,,kc madmi ako naririnig na IT graduate na tambay na lng..

  2. 3 yrs n ako pl-sql dev sa banko bored na bored na ako, ndi ako matanggap tanggap sa ibang company kasi wla ako experience sa java! lesson: if ur a fresh grad dont go with PL-SQL career!

  3. hpsucks says:

    HP is not a good company anymore. Unreasonable income expectation. increase is equal or less than 5% even if you are K(Highest) rated employee.

    Very weird company policies.

    Upper Management has too many employees to oversee. You usually find yourself feeling like you’re 1 of a 100 different people doing the same job with no recognition of the work you’re doing.

    Company is surviving by means of taking off benefits and compensation from its employees.

    Not a company for a performer, only those people who are close to their managers gets recognition and the highest rating.

    Full of incompetent people.

  4. HP Philippines says:

    HP is not a good company anymore. Unreasonable income expectation. increase is equal or less than 5% even if you are K(Highest) rated employee.

    Very weird company policies.

    Upper Management has too many employees to oversee. You usually find yourself feeling like you’re 1 of a 100 different people doing the same job with no recognition of the work you’re doing.

    Company is surviving by means of taking off benefits and compensation from its employees.

    Not a company for a performer, only those people who are close to their managers gets recognition and the highest rating.

    Full of incompetent people.

  5. ex-Oracle says:

    job cut is Mark Hurd’s management style –

    I haven’t been to HP but already heard a lot about that company. I’m an ex-Oracle actually. After Larry Elison got Mark Hurd, next will be HP. Well I guess, Oracle is much better than HP (Oracle doesn’t have job cuts here in the PH)

    • Francis Chavez says:

      hello po. ex oracle ka po diba? nag ooffer ba sila doon ng OJT. thanks

    • Cecille Tecson says:

      Hi ex-Oracle, I’m looking for an IT company accepting students for OJT. I am an incoming 4th year student this coming June 2013. We have to take our OJT sa 1st Sem. I’m interested to apply in Oracle, does Oracle accept OJT? Do you happen to know good IT companies offering OJT? I would greatly appreciate it if u could help me. Many thanks

    • Misys says:

      About OJTs, I’ve heard Misys Philippines offers an OJT for students. It’s a software company related to banks.

  6. Soon XHP says:

    What a shame, employee doesn’t receive salary increase that’s why so many are leaving.

    Oh yes, starting salary at HP is quite high compared to other company such as Accenture, but that’s the only time you’ll be enjoying the salary thing, once you get in, yes you do have a good salary, but dont expect to receive GOOD increase, just like what HP Phillipines said, even a K rated employee only receives equal or less than 5%.

    I’m outta here. HP is currently on its knee begging for mercy.

    HP stocks drops 50%, and with that, Oracle can surely acquire HP by bidding.

    Lots of wasted talent here. Slow growth. Poor Management.

  7. IRecruit says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m looking for anyone who have the following skillsets:

    Teradata, Informatica, SAS, Cognos, Visio, and etc.

    Also, looking for professionals with 2+ years experience in Telco industry, DWH and BI.

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  8. akosiberto says:

    Guys, please avoid recruiting firms, mas maigi pa rin kung direct sa company kayo mag-a-apply. At the end kasi dun din ang bagsak nyo, wala pang rip-off sa offer/salary tulad ng mga recruitment firm. Just like what happened to me. A recruitment firm head hunted me for a telco company raw, salary is 20K a month. At the same time, nag-apply rin ako sa isang telco, ang offer ng HR ay 30K a month. During interview, I got to chance upon another applicant who said he was referred by the same recruitment firm who head hunted me. Imagine the 10K rip-off.

    Also, some recruitment firms ay ipapasa lang kayo sa iba pang recruitment firm.

    • to avoid that. If you know it’s a recruitment firm ask for more than you deserve + benefits.

      at the end you you’ll be receiving more money + benefits in cash lol.

  9. unggoyHP says:

    If cocompare HP VS accenture, mas OK parin ang accenture.

    Mataas nga ang offer nila for newly hire, but after 2 years makikita mo na mas malaki na pala sahod mo kung newly grad ka sa accenture.

    Actually before, naiingit ako sa mga classmates ko na nasa HP since ang laki starting nila. Pero are salary increase dun sobrang bagal. Na aalala ko sa accenture, i started ng 15500 (well 15500 pa dati) pero nag increase ako ng almost 65 percent ung na promote ako after a year. Mas mataas na sahod ko sa knila heheh. Di napala ko accenture ngayon. :)

    And now napansin ko parang mejo ang yayabang ng mga taga HP, Lalo na pag kasabay mo sa shuttle going to mckinley. Tinawagan nga ako ng recruitment nila, matatawa ka nalang sa offer hehe. Not a good company to. apply nalang kayo sa iba..

    • Daming nag yayabang na HP freshgrad sa facebook and feeling nila rich na sila pinopost pa ung gadgets na nabibili nila.

      d nila alam mas malaki na salary ko sakanila.

      from 15k sa Cambridge University Press na maliit talaga mag pasahud. nachambahan kong nag ka management issue ako.. akala ko wala ng ttangap saken. pero boom! more than 150% salary increase ako.. may OT at night diff p ako.

    • Avhie Lynn says:

      hmm.. Speaking of Accenture po.. Anu-ano po ba requirements in order for you to be qualified? especially kapag Fresh Grad.. Maraming Salamat. :)

  10. markkram says:

    honestly between accenture at HP na sinasabi ni unggoyHP ay totoo….kasi every 6 months sa accenture tumataas ang level it depends in performance at may integrity talaga…lahat pantay panat at naaappreciate yung work individually… fresh grad ako at marami na nga ako narinig sa HP na pangit kasi nag intern ako sa Accenture as SAP Netweaver XI Team or Solutions Department..sabi ng lumipat sa amin galing HP ang daming pangit daw kulang pa ang isang araw kung ikukuwento pa daw niya!!!LOL

  11. Abdul says:

    Hi to all
    I hope i am in the right form i am creating a new cabling and security company in Oman and wants to hire technicians with 2 years experiences and are willing to come to Oman, must be customer friendly. If any interested please don’t hesitate to sent me your CV.

  12. Error404 says:

    try nyu kaya magapply sa mga it firm na mas maliit kesa sa HP at Accenture. mas malaki pa pashod kesa dyan sa dalwa na yan. mas mag-grow pa skill nyo at feel mo tlga na part ka ng company, pede ka sumahod ng 50-100k. madali pa promotion at incentive.

    Kung malaki kumpunya naman hanap nyu mag EMERSON n lng kau.

  13. jobhunter says:

    sirs, im currently working at IBM GPS as HR process owner, well basically im doing data reports using SAP and also update employees record. I’m an IT graduate and i want to pursue my profesion. systems admins, c++ dev or web dev. ask ko lang kung magkano ba pde kong hinging starting salary if i change my career path to IT? almost 2 years working exp.

    many thanks!

    on topic: okay dito sa IBM GPS (cool managers and great colleagues) pero sa ISD naririnig ko hindi nga :))

  14. AccentureRecruitment says:

    Variety, teamwork and growth keep people here in ACCENTURE as they build their careers.

    FRESH GRADS are encouraged to apply, Accenture in the Philippines invests heavily in training and development to help you build your skills.

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    Database Administrator (UNIX, MS SQL, Linux or Oracle)
    – Must have at least 2 years experience in any of the following UNIX, MS SQL, Linux or Oracle Database Administration.

    VB.NET/ASP.NET/C# Professionals
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    • the EX says:

      mag isip isip muna kayo bago mag apply sa Accenture. Especially sa Boni Pioneer recruitment. HR personnel are not well knowing. tanggap lang ng tanggap without explaining kung anu magiging job mo. At least I’m speaking in behalf of those mga employees na nagulat din sa kinabagsakan na job. Ask first before you apply. Bad experience for me

  15. omar says:

    IBM URGENT Requirements

    We have 2 open seats for a Junior/Mid level RPG programmer. Rate depends on skills assessment. 3-4 yrs exp.

    We also have 300 open seats for Informatica,Teradata, datastage and Oracle PL/SQL developers. – VERY URGENT

    Other requirements:
    SAP functional/Technical (abap, basis)
    Oracle Apps Functional/DBA/Developers
    Project Managers (PMP a plus)

    Some of the Basic Benefits
    15 months bonus. maxicare. annual increase. plus other allowances.

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  16. lookingfor_ITjobs says:

    Hi Guys, i’m looking for IT jobs, my previous work is Global IT Service Desk

  17. IT Job says:

    We’are looking for 5 developers. With 1 year or 10 years of experience does not matter, your attitude matters. Please mail your resume to Join a company that represents an alternative to the traditional corporate way of thinking. We believe in our people and celebrate every success however small.

    • Zyxel says:

      Hello sir may i ask if you have already leased line connection in your company and what ISP provider.


  18. Jhon says:

    JOB OPENINGS!!!!!!!

    Current opening at Thomson Reuters. Please send me your resume @

    Systems Engineer – Solaris
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  19. Current Openings:

    At least two years experience in any of the following skills and expertise:

    ? AS/400 RPG
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  20. Aj Edral says:

    I have to ask this question. Can I take a job even if I don’t have graduated yet? anyways I am A graphic artist a slight web developer but I doesn’t have my own website, also I can program any systems using Can I able to have a job not in online?

  21. tony says:

    pwedeng mag tanung

  22. tony says:

    may mapapasukan po ba yung 2years graduate ng Computer system and design Programming???? may mga basic na alam sa ibang language pero kaya ang Software na language(

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