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December 24, 2007

Scrolling AdSense Ads and Questions on CPC

Every AdSense publisher should have heard or read about those new AdSense scrolling ads by now. It was a nice improvement aimed at visitors interacting with ads. Question is, do readers really interact with ads?

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December 04, 2007

AdSense CTR Drop

Here’s another topic for concern among AdSense Publishers. It seems that page CTR has dramatically dropped for many blogs which directly affected daily income.

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December 03, 2007

AdSense for Search Data to be nuked

In a recent announcement in the AdSense Publisher panel, Google announced it will be nuking the search query data.

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November 28, 2007

Google defines Adult Content for AdSense

While it’s fairly easy for Google AdSense bot to identify pages for blacklisted words (Stop Words), it’s much harder to figure out if the contents are all made up of images or photos. This is particularly true for questionable content such as adult or mature materials.

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November 14, 2007

AdSense shrinks clickable areas on their Ads

Now, this is going to draw some discussions among AdSense Publishers. Google has now redefined what area in their ads are clickable and not.

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October 24, 2007

Centralized Google AdSense Ad Management

Google just announced an upcoming change in its AdSense Program that allows Publishers to modify their ads without changing the code.

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October 13, 2007

AdSense Validation Period on Referrals 2.0

The official Inside Adsense blog has recently announced it is putting a cap on all non-Google product referrals in order to increase the value and quality of the referral network. IMO, that’s almost synonymous to fraudulent referral conversions.

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October 04, 2007

How to pick up a Western Union Quick Cash AdSense payment?

The official Inside AdSense blog has just announced the WU Quick Cash payments. Those who are interested in getting their next AdSense payments via Western Union should take note of the following:

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October 01, 2007

YouTube does a Revver with AdSense

YouTubeThere have been reports of YouTube allowing Publishers to embed AdSense ads on their uploaded videos, just like Revver has been doing for over a year.

Well, this was expected although when Google bought YouTube to get more eyeballs, people were anticipating something more than putting AdSense ads in there.

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September 28, 2007

Western Union Quick Cash for Philippine AdSense Publishers

Looks like the beta stage for the Western Union AdSense payout has been completed and rolled out to everyone. The Western Union Quick Cash is now available for Philippine AdSense Publishers.

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September 18, 2007

Google announces AdSense for Mobile

I knew it. I knew it. They just didn’t name it MobSense as I suggested 14 months ago. *joke* *hehehe* Google has just formally announced AdSense for Mobile.

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August 22, 2007

Hybrid AdSense Text + Link Ads Spotted

I believe I’ve read about this so-called hybrid AdSense ads before. The ads are your normal contextual text ad formats with a line of link ads at the bottom.

Got a screen shot here on my blog a while ago.
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August 11, 2007

Apple: iLife meet AdSense

During the recent announcement of a new line of glass and aluminum iMacs, a new Mac Mini was also revealed. That debunks any earlier rumor that them tiny Apple boxes will be totally scrapped from the entire line of Macs.

And while there was not much funfare going on in this recent release (despite the not so obvious fact that iLife/iWork iMovie practically killed the Apple G4 — minimum requirements include Mac with an Intel processor, a Power Mac G5 dual 2.0GHz or faster, or an iMac G5 1.9GHz or faster), I’d like to highlight this very minor detail about the iLife:

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July 15, 2007

Is ad revenue the price of free speech?

Here’s a really funny story about a blogger who got a few more than the usual series of unfortunate incidents with her Google AdSense cheque.

Imagine going to the bank to have your AdSense cheque encashed and the teller saying Google is out of funds? That would be the day. Read on and see how Mobile Jones got a bad check from Google.

On a related note, she mentions other bloggers have emailed her and telling her why they can’t are afraid to blog about it:

Several bloggers have expressed concern to me privately that they fear blogging about or commenting on this topic would put their participation in the Adsense program in jeopardy. Is ad revenue the price of free speech? Now, that’s scary. This concern is fueled by the numerous reports from bloggers that their Adsense participation has been terminated by Google with little to zero explanation.

Makes sense, actually. Why would one want to bite the hands the feed them?

July 14, 2007

Google goes AdSense for Mobile

It’s been confirmed. Google AdSense will be displayed on your mobile phones:

Google has begun inviting mobile Web site developers to display Google ads on their sites as part of a limited beta test.

The offer extends to the mobile environment Google’s AdSense program, which lets Web developers earn revenue by placing advertisements on their sites. Google runs the back-end network that places ads on the sites relevant to content. Site owners earn revenue when visitors click on the ads.

Sites must be written in one of three mobile markup languages: WML, XHTML, and cHTML (compact HTML) in order to use AdSense for mobile, according to a Google AdSense for mobile help page. That’s because Google’s crawlers must be able to read the page in those languages to determine page content and serve up relevant ads. {Yahoo News}

I’ve predicted this to happen exactly a year ago (July 14, 2006: MobSense: Adsense for Mobile). Although I was actually thinking of SMS-based ads, the introduction of Google AdSense for mobile environment indicates a strong confidence that the next internet will be on the mobile phone.

June 29, 2007

Google AdSense Referrals expand globally

If you haven’t checked your Adsense account recently, you might have missed out on the newly expanded AdSense Referral tab. Now, you can pick from hundreds of products and services to offer on your blog and get referral commissions once an event is fulfilled.

Here’s how the referral wizard looks like in your Adsense account:

AdSense Referral

To get to this page, log in to your Adsense account -> AdSense Setup -> (Products) Referrals and pick the category you’d like to browse.

Remember that AdSense referrals only pays you when an action is fulfilled. This could be in the form of a sale, filled-up form, membership registration, etc. Checking from the current list of referrals available globally, some referrals seem to only require a click to their page which is a bit strange.

Also be prepared for foreign languages in the descriptions as well as non-US dollar denominations for referral commissions.

June 27, 2007

Rounded Adsense ads for everyone

The official Inside Adsense blog just published a new post announcing the option to make rounded corners for Adsense ad formats. Though this is just a minor development for Adsense Publishers, I’m sure some of the bloggers out there who are using smooth and rounded themes will be glad to have this option.

Rounded Ads

Aside from the regular square Adsense ad layout, you can now select between square, slightly rounded, or very rounded corners. This aesthetic update sure does make the ads look more appealing (thereby increasing click-through rates) than ever.

To get started with these new ad shapes, visit the ‘AdSense Setup’ tab in your account. As with all format options like sizes and colors, different corner styles will perform better for different publishers. We recommend that you choose the corner style that best matches the look and feel of your sites. Please keep in mind that if your page background color, ad background color, and ad border color are all the same, these new corners won’t be visible.

Does this also mean that if an image ad or a video ads comes thru, they will also be displayed with the rounded corners? Don’t think so.

Anyway, I wish they’d also open up the option of changing the text fonts soon too. Or, is that privilege only for Premium Publishers?

May 18, 2007

Profiling readers/visitors via AdSense earnings?

Ely popped the question — is your AdSense income seasonal? Generally, I’d alway say yes based on annual data from 2 or three years ago.

However, this trend may not be leveling out for everyone because I think it still depends on several factors;

  • The type of site you are running. Is it a portal, a forum or a blog? Some type of sites perform better than others because of the mix of readers and visitors. Let me clarify first that when I say readers, these are your direct viewership which may type in directly, bookmark you or added you on their feed readers. On the other hand, I refer to visitors as being one-time traffic coming from search engines or social sites like Digg.
  • The number of sites you are running AdSense on. While some sites may perform better on a given month, others might not. Unless you’re just basing your observations on a single site, it’s hard to pinpoint it really.
  • Type of visitors your site attracts. Are they gamers, blog readers, office workers, students, chatters or forumers? One can guess but hard to tell — unless your blog or website has a really narrow niche.
  • Traffic trends. It might just be a fluke — AdSense revenues down despite an increase in traffic or vice versa. Smart pricing could be a culprit too.
  • Search trends. People might search more on some days than other days. Expected annual events are usual culprits.
  • Lest we forget, advertiser budget. There will be months that advertisers would splurge on their AdWords account and then totally stop once all ad budget have been used up.

There could be more circumstantial reasons out there. It’s really hard to tell.

May 07, 2007

Anybody up for this job?

Got this screenshot from an page. I’m not sure how to make of it. Just look at the highlighted portion below.

Iraq Jobs

Pinoy jobs in Iraq for $9,000 a month? Must be adventurous and willing to face danger? Right on!

May 07, 2007

Risking AdSense with Click-and-Miss

The Inside Adsense blog reminds us about implementing ad placements that could inflate the incidence of click and miss.

They suggest three possible scenarios:

  • In close proximity to Macromedia Flash games
  • Under pop-ups or download prompts
  • Near site navigation controls on your pages, such as drop-downs or menu links
  • The last bullet might cause some alarm so most AdSense Publishers as this seem to be a common practice in ad layouts. I earlier blogged about “Adsense over-optimization could lead to click fraud?” and this could be related to that incident.

    I think the rule of thumb here is that if the ads are placed in a position that it could be likely clicked due to slight inaccuracies in mouse movements then it’s possible to get your account banned for it. Hat tip to Chino.

    May 04, 2007

    Google Account Migration for Adsense Publishers

    Google Account MigrationJust happened early this morning. Google Adsense initiated a migration of old Adsense Publisher accounts to the new Google Account.

    So, the next time you login to your Adsense panel, you may be greeted with a new page asking you to switch your account to an existing Google Account or create a new login.

    Please take a moment to update your AdSense login.

    We will soon be requiring all our publishers to update their logins to a Google Account . This change will provide you with enhanced security and will make it more convenient for you to use other Google products with just one account. Learn more

    To begin the process, answer the first question below. After you complete the process, only your login changes. All your other account information will remain the same.

    While this could be a welcome change for some Adsense Publishers, having a single login to your AdSense Account as all your other Google Services like GMail, Calendar, IG might be too risky for security. Me, I like them separated.

    April 24, 2007

    Why I want 20 million pageviews a month?

    What 20 million pageviews a month can get you that regular Adsense Publishers don’t have? Well, aside form the humongous eyeballs and potential earnings from being one of the top publishers around, you get to enjoy being an AdSense Premium Publisher.

    Amit has a rundown of what perks and privileges one gets when they’re part of the elite AdSense Publisher group.

    • Option not to put advertising labels.
    • Flexible ad formatting and layout schemes.
    • Dedicated Google AdSense Account Manager
    • Lifting of content type limitations (sex, gambling, etc.) — though not sure why this is so.
    • Tailor-fit revenue terms.

    Amit forgot to mention the limited edition schwags that Google sends its publishers every holiday season. Locally, you’d see sites like Yehey and being part of this premium publisher circle. I’m sure we’ll be seeing to follow suit in a couple of months. I wonder how much traffic Manila Bulletin and PhilStar generate on their site. PinoyExchange as well, though I remember it was in the 14 million range.

    April 21, 2007

    Google Adsense says no to Traffic Exchange

    I covered a story about StumbleUpon and Google Adsense here over two months ago. Last week, The official Google AdSense blog has posted another advisory about the use of Traffic Exchange programs:

    As many of you already know, our program policies strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs. These programs offer incentives for users to view web pages or click on ads, resulting in activity that is harmful to our advertisers.

    We occasionally receive questions from publishers interested in using traffic exchanges to bring traffic to their site. While these services may help advertise your site, we don’t recommend using them, as they may also result in similar invalid activity. We realize that you may have questions about a specific traffic service and whether it could potentially create invalid impressions or clicks. However, please understand that we’re unable to comment on any particular third-party service.

    Although the Google AdSense Team does no directly comment on a specific 3rd-party programs, I’m assuming services like Blog Explosion, StumbleUpon, BlogMad and similar ones are flagged.

    April 16, 2007

    AdSense Optimization Report

    To AdSense publishers, if you haven’t noticed yet, Google now provides automated optimization reports via the AdSense panel. You will see it just below your earnings report in the Overview pane.

    A sample of the report will look like this:

    April 2007 Optimization Report

    Dear Publisher,

    Here is your optimization report for the month of April. After an automatic review of your sites, we think you might be able to improve your monetization using the following tips:

    You may be filtering ads that monetize well on your site.
    How can I fix this? Dismiss this tip.

    We hope these tips are helpful, and encourage you to experiment using different layouts and formats–no two sites monetize the same way!

    Google AdSense

    I have around 100+ URLs added in my AdSense competitive filter list (a correction to Jayvee mentioning they were keywords in his iBlog3 presentation). These URLs are the ones frequently advertising on your blog and when you visit these URLs, they’re also running tons of AdSense or affiliate ads on their pages in the hopes that they could recuperate their ad spending with the ad revenue they’ll get. You filter them because they usually get the lowest bid (cost-per-click).

    Though competitive ad filtering is a good move, the optimization report indicates that I might be blocking out advertisers that convert well. That means, even if their cost-per-click is low, the ads could be more relevant giving you a higher CTR to compensate for it.

    The solution. Check the list again and see which ones are relevant and which ones are not. Then, de-list them and see what happens. :)

    April 11, 2007

    Western Union for Philippine AdSense Publishers

    Mars Woo left a comment on my earlier post about Malaysians getting their Adsense payouts via Western Union:

    Hey, I’m a Philippine publisher and I also received an invitation from Google to try Western Union this morning. Hmmmm. I think publishers should be wary of this because Western Union has a payout limit. I’m having second thoughts also because Western Union is very strict. You have to produce two valid IDs, fill up information sheets yadah yadah.

    But one good thing to consider is that those who are invited to try the Western Union payout will not be charged for the service at this time. Hmmmm. Any thoughts?

    I checked my AdSense account and the Western Union option is not yet available. However, in the tips section, you will see this: “TIP. If you have selected to receive payments by Western Union Quick Cash, we recommend that you check the amount of your upcoming payment to ensure that it is not over the Western Union payout limitation. Learn more.

    Clicking on the link will get you to a page with an error message — “Oops! This feature isn’t available yet. Please stay tuned — it’s coming soon, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available to you.

    My thoughts? I think this is a good option considering that we still have postal delivery problems and secure delivery via DHL is a bit expensive ($24). It would have been better if Google will shoulder the remittance fees via Western Union. In any case if a publisher is earning between $100 to $300 a month, the $16 fee is still cheaper and faster (2 days!).

    However, Mars is right about Western Union having a money transfer limitation in the Philippines. The maximum you can receive is $2,000 at a time (per day) or its Philippine Peso equivalent. Now, that already disqualifies me. :D

    Note: profile removed as per request by Mars Mosqueda.