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May 14, 2005

From the old Archives

While cleaning up the other vacant room last night, I thought I’d sort out the stuff in the boxes of books and magazines before I stack them back in the storage room. I found my old high school album with several pictures in them still intact. I scanned a few so I can archive them later to my iPod Photo.

high school graduation

The picture above is one of the few I really liked because I think it’s probably the only existing picture I have with me and my folks in it. To top it off, my grandma and several aunts are also in it. (From left: my Mommy Sario and Mommy Go on my father’s side, my Father, my Mom, me, my bestfriend Freddie who’s gonna be a doctor soon, my Lola Garet from my mom’s side, and Tita Dedan, Freddie’s mom.) We refer to our aunt’s and uncle’s on my father’s side, mommy and daddy.

This year marks the 10th year of our high school graduation from Iloilo National High School (Special Science Class) and I heard we’re going to have our very 1st class reunion this December. (Photo was taken on March 25, 1995)