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September 14, 2014

Video Recap: This Week’s Top Tech (Week #1)

It has been quite a busy week in tech news in the last couple of weeks. We thought, it would be best if we chop them down to tiny bits and provide you with a summary of the past week’s top news in tech. Check out the video below.

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July 10, 2012

Tune In: Geeky Nights Weekly Podcast

If you’re following me on Twitter (@abelandres), you might have already heard of our weekly podcast show called Geeky Nights. If not, let me share a bit about it and introduce my co-hosts.

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March 31, 2008

Vidcasting with the Nokia N95

My friend’s so stoked with his Nokia N95 that he claims it’s also a good video camera. So during our recent Holy Week vacation, we tried it out and made a sort of a travel vidcast. I have to say the video quality is actually good.

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May 01, 2007

BoBCast Ep. 7: Tarsiers & a Geek’s Guide to Traveling

Band of Bloggers Podcast, Episode 7: Tarsiers and a Geek’s Guide to Traveling (Special Travel Edition)
Hosted by: Yuga
Guests: Aileen, Chris, Gail, Marc, Sharm, Rico & Sasha
Time: 26 minutes, 07 secs.

Show Notes:

BoBB (Band of Bloggers in Bohol) boo boo
Best Online Booking Service – PAL, Air Phils or Cebu Pacific?
Airport Security & Sneaking in Fake Goods
NTC Online Content Registration Proposal
First website and Hosting Service Web Awards
Sponsor the BoBCast!
Upcoming BoB Trips

We recorded this podcast at the Metro Cebu International Airport in Mactan while waiting to board the plane back to Manila this evening.

The Band of Bloggers Podcast (BoBCast) is now accepting travel sponsorships and/or podcast advertising. Contact me for details.

We’d also like to thank our patrons/sponsors for our upcoming trips and podcasts (Office of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan in his KKK Trip from Laoag to Manila and dinner with executives).

April 20, 2007

BoBCast Episode 6: Barney in Punta Fuego

Band of Bloggers Podcast, Episode 6: Barney in Punta Fuego (Special Travel Edition)
Hosted by: Jose Maria Vicente Fernandez & Abraham Olandres
Guests: Maria Aileen Apolo, Sharon Manuel & Enrique Vicente Mossesgeld
Time: 22 minutes, 23 secs.

Show Notes:

Would you read your blog if you’re just a blog reader?
News today is that journalists are getting killed. Will news in the future include bloggers getting killed too?
Virginia Tech Massacre
Is Technology slowly enslaving us?
Globe 3G & Smart’s upcoming HSDPA USB SIM card dongle
Barney and the last song syndrome
Do you believe in magic (Marcelle’s magic that is)?
Do you like our podcast? Email us! Send us your feedback!

Thanks to our sponsors for this podcast — Marie Chua (our host at Punta Fuego) and Jun Asis of Mabuting Balita for his USB microphone. We were drinking all night so I apologize if we’re incoherent and all (ipagpatawad nyo…).

April 18, 2007

BoBCast Episode 5: Doogie Howser is the first blogger!

Band of Bloggers Podcast, Episode 5: Doogie Howser is the first blogger!
Hosted by: Yuga
Guests: Aileen Apolo, Jomar Hilario
Time: 22 minutes, 36 secs.

Show Notes:

First Blogger: Doogie Howser of Doogie Howser M.D.
First Podcaster: Capt. Kirk of Star Trek
First encounter with the PC
First experience with the Internet
Mobile Blogging
iBlog3 Updates/Feedback

Special thanks to Jun Asis of Magandang Balita for lending us his Samson C01U Condenser Microphone. We used it on this podcast only to realize the one that was activated was still the built-in mic.

April 05, 2007

BoBCast Episode 4: Of Banana Splits & Relationships

Band of Bloggers PodCast, Episode 4: Of Banana Splits & Relationships
Hosted by: Yuga & Jayvee

Guests: Aileen Apolo, Sasha Manuel, Rico Mossesgeld, Gail dela Cruz, Marc Villanueva

Time: 22 minutes
Show Notes:
Social Networking Sites & Offline Relationships
EMI and Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Philippine Blog Awards After-Math

We recorded this podcast over at Iceberg at Metrowalk last night after our badminton game at Smashville. That’s one of the less noisy places we could find to hang out, have some halo-halo and banana splits, and get this podcast ready for publish before we head of to a Lenten week-end getaway at the Macalua Mansion and Resort at Bataan. Watch out for the inevitable rant on the podcast. Soundtrack credits to Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Advanced Happy Easter to all fellow Christians. ;)

March 30, 2007

BoBCast, Episode 3: Wisik-Wisik in Singapore

Band of Bloggers PodCast, Episode 3: Wisik-Wisik in Singapore
Hosted by: Yuga & Jayvee
Guests: Aileen Apolo, Sasha Manuel, Rico Mossesgeld, Jomar Hilario, Markku Seguerra, Jaja Binx (Aileen’s long-time friend and neighbor)

Time: 24 minutes

Show Notes:
Aileen’s Sexy Sling
Online Travel Booking
Yahoo! Mail to go Unlimited
Top 30 WordPress Plugins
Apple iPhone
Yehey IPO
Print Publishers: New Media a non-threat
Wifying your house

Subscribe to our podcast feed here:

We recorded an earlier episode last Tuesday but it didn’t made the press (got corrupted) so we re-recorded it again. In the earlier one, we had Gail with us. Soundtrack credits to Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

March 26, 2007

BoBCast, Episode 2: Luk4 Angel Locsin

Band of Bloggers PodCast, Episode 2: Luk4 Angel Locsin
Hosted by: Yuga & Jayvee
Guests: Aileen Apolo, Sasha Manuel, Rico Mossesgeld
Time: 20 minutes

Show Notes:
Google Adsense Pay-per-Action (PPA)
Luk4 Mobile Yellowpages (
Google Zeitgeist – Pricess Hours, Naruto & Angel Locsin
Palm selling to Nokia or Motorola
Genuine Opposition Blog
Sigma APO 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG
Finalist of the Phil. Blog Awards & COMELEC Online Voters Registration Database
b5media & Google Job Openings
Bayanihan Blog Network

This was supposed to be uploaded last night but my net connection was killing the uploads via Twango and Podomatic. I’m now running this using the PodPress plugin.

We recorded this on the sidewalk in front of Aileen’s house using my Compaq Presario laptop and its dual built-in mic. I wish I had GarageBand but Audacity was good enough. There were cars passing by and some random ambient noise so we had to repeat some of the recordings. We don’t have a dedicated blog for this yet as we couldn’t settle for a domain.

March 18, 2007

BoBCast, Episode 1: Breakfast with Piolo

BoBCast, Episode 1: Breakfast with Piolo
Hosted by: Yuga & Jayvee
Guest: Aileen Apolo
Time: 20 minutes

Davao Blog Party
Casa Leticia
Costa Marina Beach
Wifi in Davao
Bayan Telecommunications
Smart Mobile TV
Palm Treo Launching
Max’s Power Breakfast
Blog Awards

This is the first episode of the Band of Bloggers Podcast or BoBCast. Recorded using Jayvee’s MacBook and Garage Band.

March 17, 2007

Podcasting in Davao

Tonight’s the Davao Blog Party! We’re currently here at Casa Leticia in the heart of the city of Davao thinking of some really good title for a new podcast project hosted by me and Jayvee. (Special thanks to the Casa for the free accommodations.)

The first one we did in Puerto Galera a couple weeks back was good (The Bugged Cast) and we’re listening it it right now trying to strike off some stuff that doesn’t need to be disclosed to the public (like Jayvee’s new love interest or Marc’s upcoming wedding). *hehehe*

So, we’re going to do a new one with a new name and a new format. I hope it’ll be interesting enough for you guys to listen. Watch for that here and on Jayvee’s blog later tonight. ;)

March 01, 2007

Where are the Pinoy Podcasters?

A year ago, Ajay asked me a quick interview for MB on what I think about podcasting. I couldn’t really remember what I said but the gist of it was that the act of podcasting is a difficult routine that it could be short-lived.

A quick check at the list of nominations for the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards in the podcast category showed poor results. So, I went back a tracked them. Most of the Filipino Podcasts I used to listen had been off the air or floating somewhere. So, where are they and what could be the reason why they discontinued their shows?

  • Diminished/Lost interest from podcasters?
  • Lack of time and/or schedule coordination among co-hosts to continue regular programming?
  • Lack of topics to cover?
  • No audience?
  • No avenues for monetization?
  • Went back to blogging as it’s easier and less stressful to write than to talk (and edit, and mix, and compress, and upload).

In blogging, I noticed that the most prolific ones (or the ones that really grew their audience) were partly motivated by the monetization aspect so the is the lack thereof in the podcasting arena be a reason for that? I’m not sure.

That area of the local blogosphere needs to be rejuvenated. :) To our former/current podcasters out there, why’d you stopped?

September 08, 2006

The Daily Taipei Show

As part of my workshop in podcasting, I did a quick podcast of my own to demo to the attendees. I called it The Daily Taipei Show and this one is my debut episode:

Click here to get your own player.

The laptop microphone was good enough and the script is just about 2 minutes. I got them laughing loud with this one so i thought I’d share it with you guys. :)

If you’ve been emailing me and haven’t gotten a reply, my aplogies, my GMail has about 280+ unread emails now and haven’t read for days. Sitting down, talking and running around people could be quite tiring and I find myself hitting the sack right after dinner.

July 05, 2006

2006 Podcast Awards

Janette of Digital Filipino emailed me about this year’s Podcast Awards:

The Podcast Awards was created and is managed by Podcast Connect Inc. Located at 5032 Kamehameha Lp. Honolulu, Hi. 96818. This is the second annual event that will recognize the best podcasters in the world by allowing the people (Listeners and Podcasters) to nominate, and then vote for their favorite podcast.

Go check the site and nominate your favorite Filipino podcasts:

Of course, there’s TWiT and Diggnation. ;)

May 26, 2006

San Francisco Chronicle’s Podcast for Filipinos

Last April 6, I got an email from Ben Pimentel of the San Francisco Chronicles requesting for a phone interview about the blogging scene in the Philippines. Most of what we discussed were about PinoyTopBlogs and a bit of “who’s who in the Philippine blogosphere”.

Just a while ago, Ben sent me an email copy of their press release of Pinoy Pod, a Podcast for Filipinos:

Pinoy Podcasts

The San Francisco Chronicle Launches Podcast for Filipinos

March 23: The San Francisco Chronicle announced today its launch of Pinoy Pod, a weekly program of interviews, news features and information about the Filipino experience in Northern California, the Philippines and beyond. This bold experiment, the first of its kind by a major American newspaper, can be downloaded at

“The Pinoy Pod allows us to use multi-media technology to connect very powerfully The Chronicle/SFGate to the vibrant Filipino community here in the Bay Area, throughout the country and overseas,” said Phil Bronstein, editor of The Chronicle.

In addition to English, some episodes will be in Tagalog and other Philippine languages. Topics will include arts, culture, entertainment, business and political and social issues. Pinoy Pod’s 10- to 20-minute podcasts will be posted Tuesdays.

The Pinoy Pod crew includes some of The San Francisco Chronicle’s most experienced journalists: Deputy Managing Editor Leslie Guevarra, editorial writer and columnist Pati Poblete, podcast producer Benny Evangelista, business reporter and Pinoy Pod producer Ben Pimentel, reporter Cicero Estrella and copy editor Michelle Louie.

A podcast is similar to a radio show, except it’s in the form of a computer file that you download from the Internet and can listen to at your convenience. You can play a podcast on your computer or on a portable digital music player.

To download a podcast, simply click on the appropriate link on the podcasts page and save the file to a place on your computer that’s easy to access, such as your desktop. For more information, send an e-mail to

The San Francisco Chronicle is the Bay Area’s leading news and information source and has been connecting the region with its award-winning journalism since its founding in 1865. Combined with its online partner,, The San Francisco Chronicle reaches nearly 1.5 million Bay Area residents daily and more than 1.6 million on Sunday. The six-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Chronicle is the nation’s 10th largest daily newspaper and is the nation’s fourth largest newspaper Web site with 7.4 million unique monthly users and more than 75 million monthly page views.

Tune in to the initial podcast of Pinoy Pod here.
Check out the Tech Chronicles at

March 31, 2006

My Top 5 Tech Podcasts

I don’t often listen to podcasts the way I used to a few months back. However, I try to find time (although delayed by 2 or 3 episodes) to listen to the top 5 on my iTunes.

Amber MacArthur

At #5 is Mac Break. This one is a video podcast hosted by Leo Laporte of TechTV fame, Alex Lindsay of PixelCore, Emery Wells and the beautiful Amber MacArthur from Call for Help. This one is for the Mac addicts… very informative and entertaining.

At #4 is SEO RockStars. If you want to learn more about SEO and some of the current SEM news, this one is for you. I know whitepapers and ebooks about SEO could be very tiring to read with the volumes and volumes of PDFs. This one, you just pop out your iPod and you get the latest updates in the industry.

At #3 is Diggnation. Hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albretch, Diggnation discusses the latest updates from the social news and bookmarking site Digg gets almost 1,200 submissions each day with 500,000 visitors and close to 6 million pageviews/day.

At #2 is the Daily Giz Wiz. Leo Laporte teams up with Mad Magazine’s Dick DeBartolo and came up with a daily 5 to 10-minute podcasts about every weird and ingenius gadget Dick has been storing in his warehouse for almost 20 years.

At #1 is This Week in Tech (TWiT). Again Leo Laporte tops my list of favorite podcasts. He is joined by Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorack, Roger Chang (sometimes with Amber, Kevin and Apple inventor Steve Wozniak) for a commentary of the recent news and issues in the IT industry.

Ok, ok, I used to be TechTV’s Screensaver and Call for Help fan.

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March 30, 2006

More Podcasts than Radio Worldwide

While listening to The Liberal Times Manila podcast, one of the hosts, Dr. Meinardus, was discussing about the growth of podcasting as an alternative to radio.

Stats-wise, podcasts has now outnumbered radio stations all over the world. Podcast Like A Champ quotes SiliconRepublic which pegs the total number of radio stations worldwide to 36,000.

While the iTunes website only has a figure of 35,000 podcasts , Feedburner is serving around 44,099 podcasts as of today.

The figure could be much higher than that. Will podcasting replace radio? Maybe not (yet), but it sure eats away some of the airtime.

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December 09, 2005

More on local podcasting…

Ajay sent me the link to her recent article on Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama entitled
Podcasting in RP: will it click?.

She quoted me in an earlier YM chat we had. Before it came out, I posted a more lengthy entry here two weeks ago just to expound on what I mentioned to her. Manuel Villoria had something to say as well… “While Pinoys love to talk and share their opinions on the air, not that many are willing to make the time to record their voice and upload it. There’s also the issue of sustainability. It takes a lot of time to produce a podcast.

Props to Manuel for his research on the first pinoy podcast. And my apologies to BatJay fro not being up to speed with his podcast. Let me subscribe to that feed. ;)

Let me add to that quote though — local podcast listeners may pick up exponentially but the podcasters may take quite a while to catch up in terms of number. There are less than 50 Pinoy podcasts right now (and I wouldn’t even use the word ‘local’ as about half of them are based outside the country.)

November 29, 2005

Will podcasting pick up in the Philippines?

Somebody asked me that last week and I sort of said more on the negative side. Mostly, I’m optimistic when it comes to the area of blogging but with podcasts, I’m still a bit skeptical. I actually don’t know. Maybe in terms of podcast listeners, it would pick up fast, but not so much with the number of podcasters.

Here are some of the technical and not-so-technical reasons I had in mind:

  • As Leo Laporte once said in TWiT, podcasting is all about the “long tail”. Meaning, you get the precipitates in traffic. People could happen to visit your blog but not necessarily listen to your podcast.
  • Timeliness. Podcasts are not as fast as your regular blog. It takes time to record, edit and publish. Most of the time, it’s stale news or about last week’s issues.
  • Technical barriers. Not everybody has a mic or knows how to edit a recording and convert them to .H264 or MP3.
  • It just takes more effort. If a regular blogger can’t manage to post a single entry on a daily basis, much more for a podcast.
  • Podcasting is more than just the content, it’s about personality and delivery — and not every blogger has that. It’s basically an internet radio show.
  • ROI. Yes, there’s Fruitcast but that’s it. Even Diggnation and TWiT had a hard time coming up with revenues to offset their server costs. Imagine, the bandwidth for the TWiT RSS feed alone costs over $200 a month!

Well, these are inherent barriers actually and are not limited to the Philippines. However, if you add factors such as the number of people on dial-up which cannot easily download the podcast, the number of people accessing the net via internet cafes that have download restrictions, and the number of people accessing the net thru their work offices which do not have PC speakers or even sound cards for that matter — that just makes your potential audience a wee bit thinner.

Come to think of it, a lot of the long-standing Pinoy podcasts I’ve been listening to are not recorded in the Philippines. Despite that, I still hope I could add myself to the pinoy podcaster stats sometime soon.

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November 24, 2005

Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

For those interested about podcasting and wanted to set up one, download this PDF document — PODSNAPPER Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting, created by Michael Pollock of

The 36-page PDF file is a very thorough guide on podcasting worth reading.

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November 22, 2005

Philippine Podcast Central

Microwarehouse sponsors the Philippine Podcast Channel which features their top picks for the different podcast channels ranging from Gay Speak of Danton Remoto, technology magazine T3, lifestyle channel on Health and Fitness by Chinggay Andrada, politics by Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Twisted by Jessica Zafra and Halikinu Radio show from the Ateneo campus.

Some of the other channels are derived from existing television talk shows (Mommy Talk, Digital Tour, etc.) which I doubt is a real podcast in the truest sense. What they could have done is stripped off the video and re-packaged the audio for download or via web audio streaming. The one of News Central is actually a vidcast and not a podcast.

High-profile podcasts there (since most of them are by celebs or TV personalities) but I’d rather they include and Fr. Cuying’s podcast.

Update: The IT Girl adds that the The Philippine Podcast is not even a real podcast at all.

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October 24, 2005

The J Spot has a podcast.

Just breaking the news here.

Pinoy problogger and fellow Pinoy.Tech.Blogger J. Angelo has a podcast.

Listen to the first episode of the J Spotter Podcast, where I discuss the basics of business blogging. This episode was recorded for the formal launch of the Sun.Star Blog Chronicles tomorrow, October 25, 2005.

I downloaded it immediately and even subscribed to it via iTunes. (Got some error though. )

Anyway, congrats to J Angelo for an interesting first episode. :) Go check his podcast too.

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October 14, 2005

Pinoy Podcasts

Been listening to several podcasts by Filipinos both from here and abroad. featured most of them in a recent article here, “Filipino life, according to Pinoy podcasters”.

The ones I’ve listened to are Pinoy Podcasts and missed Live@USA.PH, which in my opinion, is among the best podcast by Filipinos out there. Oh, Mike Abundo also has one as well.

Podcasting is nice, if you have the time. It requires a little bit more of an effort especially if there’s more than one of you in the podcast. In any case, it adds value and stickiness to your blog.

I’m personally looking forward to be able to podcast but am not sure for which blog. PTB is a start, PinoyBlog is also an interesting spot to do a podcast as well as my PinoyTopBlogs (much like Diggnation).

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September 17, 2005

Twit & Diggnation

I’ve known about Diggnation and Twit since it started several months ago but I never get to download the podcasts nor listened to it. I loved the TechTV shows (aired by Studio23 before) like “Call for Help” and I missed their shows with hosts Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose.

Anyway, I was able to download the podcast this week, thank to the new iTunes 5.0, and listened to Diggnation (all 11 episodes) and the latest Twit vidcast episode. I was just so engrossed and excited to listen to these guys talk about almost everything techie under the sun (and very relevant ones too). It’s a great show and I highly recommend it to those who haven’t listened or heard about it. Just go visit and check out the podcasts.

This has gotten me more excited about doing some podcasting as well. We’ll have something like PinoyBlogNation for The Philippines According to Blogs and PTwitB for Pinoy.Tech.Blog. hehehe…

What do you guys think? :D

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June 07, 2005

Maybe a Tech Podcast someday?

I guess it would be cool to have a personal Tech Podcast here someday, even with just a weekly update. That’s a thought. ;)

For the meantime, let’s just click on to Mike Tech Show’s Podcast.

I will have my day! :D

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