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December 08, 2012

Top Searches for Gadgets & Handsets by Google PH

As the year is nearing its end, we look at the last 12 months and wonder what Filipinos are frequently looking for especially with gadgets, phones and websites. We got in touch with local Google reps to get some pretty interesting information.

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October 13, 2010

Bing in HTML 5 brings sexy back to search

This video came out last month during the beta launch of Microsoft’s IE9 and while I must admit the new browser is interesting, this video demo of Bing on HTML5 is pretty impressive.

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September 06, 2010

SEMCON 2010 slated on October 7 & 8

For the 4th straight year, we’re doing the Search Engine Marketing Conference again and it will happen on October 7 & 8, 2010 here in Manila. It’s a search marketing event you don’t want to miss out on.

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September 03, 2010

What Yahoo! needs in Search Marketing?

Earlier this week, Yahoo! Philippines invited a few media people to their office to talk about their Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) service.

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December 19, 2009

Twitter Stream on Google Search Results

It’s finally here — Twitter streams have now been integrated into the Google SERPs and they’re updated live. Took a screenshot here with one of the trending topics on Twitter.

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October 22, 2009

Bing, Google to do Twitter Search

Today, Bing and Google announced that they have set an agreement with Twitter to do integrated search. This means you can see Twitter updates on both Bing and Google search pages.

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October 02, 2009

SemCon 2009

We’re on the second day of our Search Engine Marketing Conference today at the Hotel Intercon. It’s been a busy 2-days for me so regular blogging will resume tomorrow. To follow us, check out @semconph on Twitter or the hashtag #semcon and #semcon09.

September 14, 2009

Last chance to get FREE SemCon ’09 passes!

For those who are interested to attend the 3rd Search Engine Marketing Conference for free this October 1 & 2, you only have 36 hours left to join our blog contest here. We already have more than a dozen entries there but you can still participate.

August 18, 2009

Search Engine Marketing Conference 2009

For the 3rd year in a row, the Search Engine Marketing Conference 2009 is all set to happen this October 1 & 2, 2009. As usual, we’ll have a whole new line-up of search marketing topics to fill the 2-day conference shared by practicing internet marketing experts.

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July 30, 2009

Bing wins in Yahoo+Microsoft Search Deal

Bing gets another big score with the recently announced search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! Microsoft will now power Yahoo! search while Yahoo! will become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies’ premium search advertisers.

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June 02, 2009

Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine

Microsoft may have found the right formula for their search service. Their Bing search engine gives some pretty promising results.

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February 01, 2009

The day Google broke the Web

There was some sort of mass panic last night when Google was spewing a warning “this site may harm your computer” on all their search results. People search on Google were shocked and confused as if the search engine itself was hacked.

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December 16, 2008

Mahalo Answers: Pays to Answer Questions

The newly launched Mahalo Answers is just like Yahoo! Answers plus a couple bucks of tip. In short, you get paid for the best answers you contribute.

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October 02, 2008

Google 2001 Search

In honor of Google’s 10th year anniversary, they’ve brought back their oldest available index dated 2001. Google only had over 1.3 billion webpages indexed that time and it’s a little nostalgic to do some ego-searching on that year.

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July 28, 2008

Cuil: new search engine in the block!

Cuil, a new Irish-termed search engine, is out in public. They claim they’re a different kind of search engine — well, at least in background color.

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July 12, 2008

Yahoo! BOSS: Build your Own Search Service

Yesterday, Yahoo! made an ambitious attempt and opened up their search service to everyone. Called Yahoo! Search BOSS, this initiative is strategy to attract developers to create their own search service on top of Yahoo’s search technology.

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May 22, 2008

Yahoo brings Panama to the Philippines

In a press conference this morning at the Hotel Intercon, Yahoo! Philippines General Manager Jojo Anonuevo formally announced Yahoo’s Sponsored Search marketing product (codename: Panama).

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August 26, 2007

PRC Nursing Exam Results crash servers

Update: PRC Nursing Board Exam Results for November 2008. Copy latest PRC Board Nursing exam results from the website here.

I’ve been struggling with several crashed servers early this evening from what could have been a massive amount of traffic coming in from search engines looking for the 2007 PRC Nursing Exams Results.

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July 22, 2007

Google, Ask, Yahoo, MS and other Search News

Google just bought ImageAmerica, their 7th acquisition in the last 2 months alone, which includes Panoramio, Feedburner, geospatial photo-sharing service PeakStream, online presentation software Zenter, DoubleClick, communications security company Postini and VOIP phone aggregation portal Grand Central. ImageAmerica is in the high resolution aerial cameras industry — for higher-quality and better Google Maps, I suppose.
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December 19, 2006

Google Top 10 Searches for 2006

A recent article from BBC showed that MySpace and Bebo are the top searches for the year 2006. Here’s a complete list of those who made it to the Top 10:

1. Bebo
2. MySpace
3. World Cup
4. Metacafe
5. Radioblog
6. Wikipedia
7. Video
8. Rebelde
9. Mininova
10. Wiki

I was particularly surprised that Rebelde came in at #8. It had 236,164 searches in Yahoo for November alone.

Mexican soap opera Rebelde was the eighth most searched for term on Google over the last 12 months, a sign of the importance of the Spanish language on the net.

Rebelde ended its run on television in June but the actors in the soap opera have formed a popular band, called RBD, which keeps interest in the soap opera alive.

So, this is the reason why I’m getting thousands of hit from an old post about back in December 2005. Those guys leaving ’em comments were actually Mexicans looking for the Rebelde TV soap opera website.

February 17, 2006

MSN Search and Win

Not to be beaten by Yahoo!, MSN also launches their own incentive program for loyal searchers. Promotion begins at 12:01 a.m. (PT) on February 3, 2006 and ends at 11:59 p.m. (PT) on February 28, 2006 (“promotion period”).

Two ways to enter.

Method #1: Access the MSN Search and Win Promotion website online at Conduct a Web search on the word or phrase that is pre-populated or enter your own word or phrase in the MSN Search module provided on the promotion website. Click the “Search” button to begin the Web search process and to display the results.

Method #2: Conduct a Web Search using the MSN Search module available at or other channels of When the Web Results of your Web Search are displayed, click the “MSN Search and Win” link located in the “Sponsored Sites” box on the Web Results page presented to determine if you are a winner. If you receive a message stating, “You are an Instant Winner” you win the prize indicated, subject to prize claim and verification. See rule #3 on how to claim your prize. You may play as often as you wish. Microsoft assumes no responsibility for lost, late, misdirected, incomplete, illegible, postage due entries or mail or for any computer, online, telephone, or human error or technical malfunctions that may occur. Incomplete entries are void. The use of any automated launching or entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits the participant to automatically enter or conduct searches repeatedly is prohibited.

Official rules here. Complete list of prizes here.

In this day and age, searching the net need not only be free, you also need to get paid for using it.

How about free internet?

January 19, 2006

The Search Engine Experiment

Try this neat Search Engine Experiment.

It’s basically a un-branded search which represents Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines. Using a keyword of your choice, you do a search for Brand X, Y, & Z.

You then select which of the search results is the most relevant and it will tell you which search engine it is. Try it for a couple of keywords to see which of the 3 SEs is most relevant for you.

Now, which is the better search?

July 07, 2005

YM forcing people to use Yahoo Search.

The new installer of Yahoo! Messenger now forces people to use Yahoo Search as its default search engine. Tsk, tsk, quite a sneaky move there, eh?

Note: This happens when I check the Custom install instead of the Typical install.

I just wanted to update to the latest version of YM and during installation, it prompted me an already “checked” checkbox for the search option. Tried to click on it to uncheck to no avail. Darn, that’s no glitch! That was intended. Why the hell would I revert to Yahoo Search from Google?

I can only uncheck it if I use the Typical install, of which by the way also forces users to install the Toolbar and Yahoo! extras. So I am forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. No way.

I pressed “Cancel” instead.