Contest: The Ultimate Blogging Chair by Mandaue Foam

The first time I saw and sat on this recliner a couple of months ago, I said I’ll have one of these at home and use it while I’m on my laptop and blogging instead of just hanging out in the bed with tons of pillows against my back. Incidentally, we got the same exact one from Mandaue Foam last week and they’ve also promised we can give away one more to our readers.

I used to be the type that sits down on a desk, in front of a PC, when I blog. I’m more focused that way but gets tired very fast. Then, I moved to the bed with tons of pillows for a more comfortable and less stiff position. I’d ended up being sleepy that way though and was always holed up in the bedroom.

The recliner has encouraged me to go down the living room and blog from there instead of the bedroom. At the same time, I get to watch movies on that 50-inch Devant LED TV that was given to me.

So while, we’re enjoying this really nice and comfortable recliner, we’re also giving away the same exact one to our readers here (worth Php13,000). Check out the details below how you can score one.

We’re going to use Rafflecopter to allow you to earn points for this giveaway:

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Go! go! go!

Check out Mandaue Foam website here or add them on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Disclosure: Mandaue Foam gave us this recliner for free and will also provide another one as prize for this giveaway

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  1. Jenero de Guzman
    Twitter: neroblasts

    I actually don’t have one. But I would love to have this as my first Mandaue Foam product.:D

  2. Romnil Calzadora

    Best give to my dad…

  3. Romnil Calzadora

    Best gift to my dad…

  4. Drey Roque
    Twitter: iam3739

    Would want to own this. Never had a Mandaue stuff in the house.

  5. No, we don’t have a Mandaue Foam furniture at home.

  6. Anthony Borlado
    Twitter: sevenh8reds

    a well deserved chair for a blogger and a hardworking dad….

  7. Paulo Avila
    Twitter: paulomavila

    Don’t have one, but that chair is interesting. I always wanted a lazyboy! :D

  8. Wow! I want this on my wishlist..

    Thanks and merry christmass and a happy new year

  9. mcometa
    Twitter: mcometa

    Bagay to sakin hahaha!

  10. Don’t have one but would love to have this as the first piece in our home.

  11. don’t have one yet. would love to have this as my first piece.

  12. Stephanie Tiu

    dont have one, but i would like to have that chair. :D

  13. I don’t have any mandaue furniture at home just 3 dream pillows. :0

    I hope to win this one. :)

  14. None yet but I want! This is my dream blogging chair now:)

  15. Never had one. I would if i win this chair :)

  16. don’t have Mandaue Foam products at home

  17. Upuan na sampayan pa! Who would not want to replace this with the ultimate blogging chair from Mandaue foams

    Twitter link:

  18. Jonas Cordero
    Twitter: jonascordero

    It will be nice to have one for Christmas!

  19. Bought our living room carpet from Mandaue Foams.

  20. i do have one! it’s my bed foam :)

  21. Chris
    Twitter: martianchris

    I would definitely give this to my mother and lola. Merry Christmas, Yugatech! More power.

  22. Mark John

    I would like to have one as it can be also used while watching HD series and movies.

  23. Sadly, I don’t have a Mandaue Foam furniture. I would love to have this as an early Christmas present. :D

  24. Glenn Michael

    I want this!

  25. This is very very nice


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