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February 19, 2013

Giveway: Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi

Last month, we featured Huawei’s new pocket WiFi — the E5151. The router supports up to 10 devices and has provisions for a LAN or ethernet port.

While most people would scoff at the LAN port, it’s actually very useful when you travel a lot and stay in hotels where they only have wired internet in the rooms (and I travel around a lot so this is what I often bring on trips).

You can check out more about this device here. It’s now available in stores with prices between Php3,500 to Php4,500.

If you still can’t afford one, we’ll just give away one of these, alright? So here you go.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Updated: Contest Winner — Pipo del Rosario. Congrats! Please email us for details on how to claim your prize.

570 Responses to “Giveway: Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi”

  1. Elsie Sulapas says:

    wifi anywhere :)

  2. Francisco Reyes says:

    id name it “nice try” haha

  3. Francisco Reyes says:

    id name it “nice try” for those who try connecting to it haha

  4. Monnette U Lopez says:

    I would name it ” wii fee”. Sounds cute!

  5. Angela Santos says:

    “No pets allowed”

  6. clara reyes says:

    wifi for all

  7. Mark Kevin says:

    HuaweiFi! haha

  8. Charlz Vic Perez says:

    Fayfi, the amazing dala dalang wifi ni charlz

  9. Siegfred Correa
    Twitter: evosieg

    I’d name mine Wanderlust.

  10. Sarah Mae Villarma says:

    Fly High with Wifi :)

  11. Rico says:

    Wi-Fi Everything

  12. I’d name it “T1-Internet”

  13. Noli says:

    greater high with portable wifi :)

  14. Camm
    Twitter: twittwitcamm

    Having a portable Wi-Fi router is awesome!

  15. Camm
    Twitter: twittwitcamm

    I’d name it Wifey!

  16. PaulC says:

    Black Mamba :)

  17. Elinor Semira
    Twitter: maydoll77

    WaFi – (Wa)lang Wi(Fi)

  18. Julie gOnzales says:

    the one

  19. Eloesita Valderama
    Twitter: LalaValderama

    Hello Huawei-fi

  20. Timothy says:

    Wag nakaw WiFi

  21. Bernadith Villa says:

    hope to win

  22. mary jane quintana
    Twitter: fasyonista4less


  23. Mitch Lalic
    Twitter: mitchyweech

    “Virus! No Connection!”

  24. Louie Tan says:

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