Winners: YugaTech-Cherry Mobile Android Giveaway

Our first round of the Cherry Mobile-YugaTech Android giveaway has just ended. We got a total of 14,257 entries from over 4,500 individuals. So it’s time to pick the lucky ones. Check them all out after the break.

Ten (10) Winners of Cherry Mobile dual-SIM/TV phones:

● Harry Trinidad
● Jojo Abelgas
● Maria Cecilia Tan Velazquez-Franco
● Al Torres
● Joseph
● Margie Ruiz
● Gemma Puno
● Vic Kristoffer Po
● Dennis Enguerra
● Herb Howard Hernandez

Two (2) Winners of Cherry Dragon Phone:

● Katheryn Visda
● Vic Zuigirdor

How to claim your prizes:

Please email me your complete name, contact numbers and home/office address. Please include link to your FB or Twitter account if you entered using those accounts. This will allow us to verify your identity.

Make sure the subject line of your email is — “Cherry Mobile YugaTech Dragon Phone Gveaway” — so we can track it immediately.

My email is abeolandres {at} gmail {dot} com.

Additional Notes:

Please go and thank Cherry Mobile on their FB Fan Page or Twitter for these generous giveaway! We might also do another one from them next week.

For those who did not win, we have at least 3 more separate giveaways this week-end. Watch out for them!

P.S. If you appreciate our efforts here, let us know by casting your votes for YugaTech at the Tatt Awards here. You can send in as many votes as you can every hour using your FB or Twitter accounts.

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  1. Wax Estrella Jr

    Congrats! Malas yata ako =( talaga

  2. Congrats …better luck next time to me … :)

  3. Jason Indiongco

    Hays,, sayang hehe para sa utol ko sana hehe.. pero salamat parin sa opportunity Sir Abe!,, hehe meron pang isa guyz yung Sun Cellular BB Poster contest! ^_^ salai sali rin hanggat di nanalo wahahaha,

  4. Wax Estrella Jr

    Grats ulit sa mga winners! hehe! marami pa naman up coming contest d2! nga pala Vote nyo na rin Sir Abe also know as Yuga -> gawin natin siyang top!

  5. AHAHAHHHA~ i really don’t have so much luck.. kakalungkot~ sana next week manalo. :) Thank you for the chance Sir ABE! :)

  6. Congratz to the winners.

  7. Sayang naman di ako pinalad…. hay siguro kailangan ko talaga mag ipon for my sister sa touch screen phone nya…. Thank you so much for the oppurtunity.

  8. kevin glenn

    sayang .. d ako nanalo .. d pa cguro time koh ngayon na manalo .. d pa cguro 2ng tamang panahon . hehe

  9. John Rey

    Congratz sa mga winners! Sana sa susunod kami naman.. :)

  10. Congrats sa mga nanalo, sayang di pinalad hehe

  11. Congratulations to the winners! ^_^

  12. Vic Rodriguez

    tnx Yuga! tnx Cherry mobile!

  13. Aww damn i didn’t know there was a giveaway! I’m gonna make sure to join the next one. Sure would love a Dragon phone or even a Magnum HD. Please!

  14. nova dilig

    swerte naman nila..heheeh 300k+ lang inabot ko.. tsktsk :)

  15. congrats sa mga nanalo

  16. Benchmark

    congrats sa mga nanalo! yehay! may bago kayong phone! :D

  17. kikomachine

    haha, malas lang.. dapat ata every other day ako nagsend ng entries para mataas ang chance!! anyway congrats sa mga nanalo! ^_^

  18. view nyo na lang ako vemt_8 ym ID ko

  19. Al Torres

    email sent.. Thank you..

  20. Awww I just found out I won in this raffle! I hope it’s not too late to claim my prize. Email sent, Yuga!


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