For smartphones, is White the new Black?

For the longest time, phone manufacturers have been conservative with the colors that they use in their handsets. The usual black or dark colors were the norm. Lately though, we’re seeing more and more flagship phones that come with pristine white colors and oftentimes, they sell more than any other available colors.

Take for example these new handsets from the several brands — the BlackBerry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One X+ and the iPhone 5 (see photo below).

Of the 4 white-colored handsets above, we’ve also had the chance to use the black versions. With the Z10, the black version doesn’t look are defined as the white version. Same goes with the HTC One X+ — the cruved edges of the glass display is more prominent with the white.

With the iPhone 5, it’s somewhat a tie — the black version looks elegant but a bit subdued while the white version looks more bold and pristine, like the Apple Macbook Air. In the case of the Galaxy S4, it’s almost a tie as well.

Years ago, white wasn’t an option and black is the top choice. These days, it seems like white is the new black.

Do let us know in the comments what you think between the black and white versions of the same model of phone.

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  1. i prefer black

  2. Black parin. Except sa z10, mas ok tignan ang white kasi black yung front nya

  3. for me. know why? pag white ksi mag enhanced ang size nya than black. san ka ba nakakita nag casing ng DARK db? hehe :)

  4. black ako except sa white ng htc one x and z10. ang ganda lang nila tgnan super! :)

  5. ferdinand marte

    Darth Vader Black for me! always has been. I can’t count how many phones i decided not to buy because black was not on the lineup.

  6. abuzalzal

    Karamihan sa co workers ko na lalake sa office na naka white Note 2, S3 at iPhone 5 ay mahilig mahilig magpa bango, anlilinis at manicured ang mga kukoat ayaw kumain sa turu turo…..bakit kaya?

  7. mang jose

    Boo! Walang white Nokia Lumia 920!

    • renz guby

      agree… among phones in existence… Lumia lines have better aesthetics… i wish i can afford Lumia 920… white is a first option… its a contrast to what i currently own – LG Prada 3.0…

  8. Black is still on my back. Nexus 4 in Black looks sinister. I have one too.

  9. I prefer na color black pa rin ang kulay nang mga handset. Kapag nakakakita ako nang mga gadgets na katulad nito, unang pumapasok sa isip ko ang iPhone and iPod. And in my opinion, mas cool tingnan and white while black naman ay seductive ang dating.

  10. The iPhone 5 looks kawawa among the 4….

  11. Next trend will be yellow phones spearheaded by lumias……that’s not racist at all

  12. Jayce26

    The white iphone 5 has a premium feel than the rest, just my own opinion…

    I’m still waiting for the silver/white HTC One, the build quality looks immaculate.

  13. Kung totoong lalaki ka. BLACK. Kung totoong babae ka o bading. WHITE. Tapos ang kwento.

    • kulangot

      Anong klaseng utak meron ka? lol isip isip din minsan lol. try mo bumalik ng grade 1.

  14. Janusz

    Hmm. Obviously Sony smartphones look stylish no matter what color they are – the design is just impeccable. However, one could say that those white flagships of Sony simply have that little extra which raises them above competition.


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