Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2012

The year 2011 was a great year in the field of technology. We’ve seen a lot of new stuff and developments in the last 12 months. I’m sure 2012 will be even better and more exciting. Check out my top 10 tech predictions for 2012.

Some of them are a bit of a long shot while others I’m pretty confident about.

  • Apple will finally announce and release the iPhone 5. Sure ball.
  • Flagship smartphones will run on a dual-core 2.5GHz processor. A dual-core 1.5GHz could be the minimum clock speed for most while a dual-core 2.0GHz will be set as the median speed.
  • The storage industry will stabilize and HDD manufacturers will be able to ship out 5TB drives for desktop PCs, 2TB drives for laptops and 500GB for tablets (I’m thinking Western Digital will be the one to announce first). SSD will remain to be expensive for the most part.
  • Netbooks will finally come to an end and have to give way to a new breed of laptops. The current definition of netbooks is what’s preventing it to evolve (Atom, 1-2GB of RAM, 10.1-inch screens,etc). Newer ones will go the Macbook Air route to survive — something similar to the Aspire S3 with HDD at the 11 to 12 inch form factor. Price will be a deciding factor so it should be under Php25k.
  • Microsoft will buy Nokia for under $30 billion. Windows Phone 7 will challenge BB10, Android and iOS for a bigger piece of the pie. Windows 8 will help spread the Kool-Aid.
  • Mobile internet speeds in the Philippines will average at around 10Mbps. That means we’re gonna see widespread HSPA+ and possibly LTE roll-out in the second half of the year (Smart LTE comes to mind). At least, that’s what all the carriers will promise in big bold letters. DSL speeds will continue to languish and will not even reach 3Mbps on average.
  • Now that Sun Cellular is under the ownership of PLDT and Smart, a 3rd telco will likely emerge to add balance to the duopoly between Smart and Globe. PLDT/Smart’s 70% market share has gotten some people worried.
  • NFC (Near-Field Technology) will fail to get mass adoption especially with contactless payment systems. It will still be there and will be more common in handsets but might take a long while to be really used by many.
  • A Filipino tech start-up will be bought by Google. Their revenue model screams “it’s Google or bust”. If negotiations will not work out, they’d burn thru all the investor money and could go under.
  • We will finally get to see WiFi in the sky. It’s a long shot but it’s possible one of the big telcos and a major domestic airline will do a beta test on this later this year. Perhaps Cebu Pacific and Smart?

I’m crossing my fingers I’ll hit 50% with my predictions here but it sure is exciting if you just think about it.

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  1. Great insights! May I add to the predictions?

    Samsung will launch the Galaxy S III in February.
    ASUS will launch the Padphone
    Nokia will launch the Lumia 900

  2. how ’bout the realization of “Vangie” !

  3. i do not quite agree to the last two :}

    if wi-tribe can release 4G phones, then it’s a formidable opponent to globe and smart..

  4. Pinoy tech startup is Insynch. (Middleware – PC to GDocs)

    Google will crush this as soon as GDrive (or whatever it is called) gets mainstream/released.

  5. I hate to admit it but #6 is just so obvious considering the current situation DSL is in right now. Higher speeds are coming out lately (for PLDT at least) but the the price is atrocious. It totally sucks, because wired connection is still much better than wireless/3G/4G internet.

    I definitely hope that wireless internet will not kill wired internet, unless the telcos can deliver guaranteed promised speeds and seamless connections.

  6. Some might happen others will not. Stay updated and ready for any change..

  7. Looking forward to the emergence of another telco. Competition is always good for consumers.

  8. I think apple might surprise us by calling it iphone 6. It’s the 6th iphone version anyway. haha!

  9. more internet congestion, the less we download the faster the internet speed telcos give, the more we download the slower internet speed. look at telcos TOS. @12mbps=200php/180mb, 1-3mbps=unli data, 2mbps only 800mb a day, internet sucks sa pinas lol

  10. nice tech predictions,..i’m excited these tech things to be true….

  11. My own predition: A laptop-tablet hybrid will come out this year, with the AMOLED screen, keyboard, and you can run windows 7 (or 8) on it. This device will totally kill netbooks once it comes out.

    Lol, this is more like a wishful thinking than a prediction.

  12. I hope the Nokia-Microsoft buyout doesn’t happen. I wish to see Marko Ahtisaari to be the new CEO. We need more visionaries this year.

  13. how about the ipad3? some say it’ll be out on the 24th of feb

  14. How about the transparent phones? As far as I know, the technology does exist but they don’t want to show it in the market yet.

  15. By the end of 2012, Apple’s market share shrinks to 10% in the smart phone and tablets markets… beaten by Google’s Android 90% market share. We see the same PC versus Mac wars of the 90’s but this time Apple will never recover again.

  16. Hey guys,

    Just need some advice from you.
    We have the PLDT-DSL connection for almost 2 years. Bad thing is, it is too slow even just for browsing the net. I thought it was my desktop which makes it slow, so i bought a new one (with faster speed)…same thing – net is still slow

    Should i ask PLDT to increase my net speed? (i don;t know what speed they give for 1000/month)
    should I try SMART instead?…please advice what is the BEST OPTION….for net speed maybe 4Mbps?



  17. solution to batt life problems?

  18. Dr.MedTech

    tumama na ata ang #7

    welcome VodafonePhilippines

  19. #9 – . superstart up, i rely on donations to make the site run lol. i think filipino “social network” that runs on its own basecode wont make it. most if pinoy so called “social sites” are either integrated to FB or used a commercial software, which is not “lasang pinoy” in a sense. for me, if you say start up, as in start up that you created the codes, you burned your eyebrows, even if it appears like the competition. as long as its not commercially prepared and then branded as “proudly pinoy”

  20. Bystander

    Please write off #2 as it is improbable. Running over 2ghz on a mobile will produce much heat and will need more power to dissipate such heat thus equals less battery life which is unthinkable for a mobile. The most likely scenario will be producing four, six or even eight cores running at slower speeds with major upgrades in graphics performance. After all, we are in the era of parallel computing already.

  21. More predictions:

    – Cisco might buy RIM, maker of blackberry. Cisco will use it to improve its services to their enterprise clients.

    – Service Provider will drop prices on their DSL services 2nd half this year. Focus to improve their bandwidth.

    – Their is no LTE product available worldwide and it will happen next year. False advertisement from the local telco.

    – Sad to hear that Globe chose a china company to manage its network and we will see drop in signal and delay in sms!

  22. How about the transparent phones? As far as I know, the technology does exist but they don’t want to show it in the market yet.

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