What I want to see in 2009?

This is more like a wish list rather than a prediction for the year 2009 with specific focus on the Philippine tech landscape. Hopefully, we’d be able to see some of the items on the list become a reality before the year ends.

  • Residential WiMax. There are a couple of WiMax providers out there but none that has really catered to residential customers on a full-scale mission. The existing ones are focused on corporate accounts and are pretty expensive for the bandwidth they provide.
  • 3G coverage in the boondocks. People who regularly travel to the provinces know 3G coverage is almost nil in far-flung areas of the archipelago. I know customer usage density there is thin but it’s where people really need a decent connection the most. My suggestion — start with the top 500 summer destinations in the Philippines.
  • Google Android OS compiled to run with most touch screen phones in the market (SE XPreria X1, LG Cookie, HTC Touch HD, Samsung Omnia). Dual-boot would be nice too. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to switch between a WinMo and an Android in your phone?
  • Flat-rate bottomless 3G from all carriers. Yes, Sun Cellular has one, Globe used to have one and Smart has one on hold. A Php999 a month for 512Kbps could be the sweet spot. Oh, and please make data roaming affordable (Bridge Alliance is nice but rates are still steep).
  • Bank-funded Paypal accounts. Millions of people without credit card are still stuck in limbo when making online purchases. Paypal should enable funding of accounts via local banks. I know my previous meeting with a Paypal exec tells me this feature is far down the list but I do hope it pushes thru this year.
  • Digital TV. LCD HDTV sales are up and rising from last year. Would be nice if one of the cable networks would serve up hi-def broadcasts (HBO, CineMax, ESPN) especially for those owning 32″ or higher screens.
  • How about AM Radio as standard on most phones? I’ve already talked about this before here. (Sony Ericsson has one launched last year.)
  • Lighter but better battery life. That’s for mobile phones and laptops. I’m not asking for that water-powered battery from Samsung. Just a more compact but upsized battery life using another polymer alloy. It should not be very pricey too.
  • Wireless landline will kill NDD charges. Will it still be national direct dialing if I bring my wireless landline to the province and call another line in that area?
  • Better and mode detailed public maps for my GPS devices, even for just Metro Manila. WikiMapia rocks but too many pollutant data in there.

How about you? What do you want to see happen in 2009?

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  1. I would just like to add something on yo

  2. *Sorry for the mistaken reply.

    I would just like to add something on your point about Google Android. Many analyst says that Google Android will be replacing the current leaders in the Smartphones industry, but if you think of it more thoroughly there hasn’t been a concrete action taken by the industry in promoting these android OS. So the likelihood of it taking over is very less. Maybe the option of having to dual-boot your phone is much of an option than solely migrating to Android.

    Just sharing my thoughts..

  3. Better 3G network! our 3G network is sloooooooow.

    iPhone for 10K to 15K from 40K. hehe.


    iTunes store with full featured products, not just apps. plus support for paypal users.

    Amazon mp3 store, I heard you can’t purchase mp3’s locally, yet, even though you have paypal.

    Lower internet rates with higher speed plans!

    More computer products from different brands, some are only available in the US and it is hard to find them locally, especially LCD Monitors.

  4. More options for a PMP! I’d like to see Archos, Cowon and Samsung players more in the stores here. Oh and I’d like to see Zune as well here. :D I’m sick of all the pod stores. As if it’s the only player in the market. <_<

  5. either of these:

    * a DSL package with 2mbps @ P999..
    * a cellphone with 5mp camera, wifi, touchscreen, all packed for only P15k..
    * a dual-core laptop with at least 1gb ram, an XP as OS (not linux), all packed for only P20k..

    i’m dreaming out loud…

  6. What I want to see is

    -Apple Netbook
    -Affordable gaming laptops
    -More smartphones equipped with Google Android
    -Wider 3G/HSDPA coverage. Until now, there is no 3G signal here.

  7. “A Php999 a month for 512Kbps could be the sweet spot.”

    Nawa ay magdilang anghel ka Sir Abe. :D

  8. Cheaper dSLR lenses. :D


  10. To get a part-time or home based job to buy my dream gadgets like dSLR camera (even if im not knowledgeable on professional cameras), new CPU unit (AMD processor, ATI video card, Kingston memory, MSI motherboard, CoolerMaster CPU fan, Branded LCD monitor non-wide screen, etc), iPod Touch or iPod, Nokia cellphone (not the E and N series, its easily to break), laptop (mostly HP brand because of its long battery-life of 5 hours and above), APC Smart-UPS XL 750VA or higher the better (for power back-up on my computer, currently does not have any), PlayStation Portable (just a dream…), DJ Console MK2 (because i like music, even though i only mixed music for an event at our province on a low class mixer), and lastly to pay for my DSL Internet which I am currently using right now because my mom tells me too pay for it which is cheaper than its competitors currently I am having problem to pay for my internet for next coming months and don’t know any way to find money to pay for it.

    Well thats all I want to see or grant this first to the second quarter of the 2009.

  11. according to sky (during their skybroadband bloggers event) they will start introducing HD content this year.

    what i want is:

    – mobile safari to support flash content.
    – yeah cheaper DSL too para tuluyan nang maphase out dialup.

  12. Watchmen Movie, new season of Man vs Wild and the ending of Naruto :D

  13. …another dth cable company (para may ka-kumpetinsya ang Dream)
    …internet access in the countryside (puro na lang kasi m manila and other highly urbanized city)
    …peace on earth!!! thats the most important

  14. Faster internet connection…

  15. Cheaper Postpaid plans! One of the biggest things I had to get used to after moving here from the states was the inability to make affordable calls on my cell phone whenever i wanted. the postpaid rates here are ridiculous. To give you an example, my blackberry plan with AT&T averaged at about $60 (abt php 2835) a month for UNLIMITED call minutes, UNLIMITED txt messages, and UNLIMITED 3G internet access.

    Also, i agree with the digital TV and HD channels.

    just a bit of info: the entire united states is switching to a digital broadcast signal on Feb 17, 2009 which means all traditional analog tvs will not receive a signal unless they install a converter box that will allow them to receive the digital signal via an antenna. i wonder what will happen to the analog signal in the states.. will it become free public domain a la CB Radio?…

  16. kill3fill3r

    Ako looking forward muna sa mga movies.

    My top 10 most anticipated films of 2009 http://snipr.com/9fn0o

  17. Telcos should upgrade our net speeds.

    pede na to:

    10MBPS Line, for Php1200/month


    globe visibility, smartbro mobile, etc.

    @ 5MBPS/ Php300/month


  18. Unknown Soldier

    Nice article :)

    Yuga is like the Nostradamus of Philippine Technology! Wahaha! :)

    I didn’t know that you’ve a psychic background :P

    Web 3.0…
    Death of IE…
    Telco’s ICT Improvements…
    Cheaper Gadgets…
    Free TV with Dual Sim will be included on Branded Phones just like china phone…
    Netbook speed improvement…

  19. Hi, I have featured one success story for a WIFI application breakthrough in my website (http://www.techpointonline.net – under Industry News). Hope everybody find it interesting.

  20. “Bank-funded Paypal accounts” yeah hope they approve this one cause i’m having a hard time borrowing Paypal money from my friend.

    PS: no credit card T___T

  21. crestfallen

    this 2009, i want to see less pain and suffering…

    anyway, on the techie side…i wish canon will release a digicam with bluetooth device so i could transfer pictures without having to take off the SD card!

  22. cheaper 3g rates


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