What is the best smartphone-tablet combo?

As we have mentioned in our past article, smartphones are getting bigger and tablets are getting smaller. While these gadgets try to meet half-way to become the ideal device, there’s still a good gap between them that convinces us to purchase them both. If that’s the case, what do you think is the best smartphone-tablet combo?

Another thing I would also like to consider is what OS is ideal for a smartphone-tablet combination. Is it Android for a smartphone and iOS for a tablet, or is it the other way around? To help start the discussion, I asked my fellow writers about what they think is the best combination based on their own experience.

Let’s start with Ron:

If I were to choose a smartphone and tablet combo, I’d go for the Nokia 808 and ASUS TF300T/TF700T. I still don’t have either of the tablet (I’m still saving up for that), but I already have the Nokia PureView 808. The reason why I picked this combo is because I have the best camera on my phone and I have a good mileage with my tablet (10hrs tablet + 16hrs with keyboard dock)

I think this setup will fit my needs especially when I’m out in the field because I can do my articles easier since the ASUS TF300T comes with a keyboard dock and my Nokia 808 can take very detailed pictures/video. But if you have extra money to spend, I suggest to go for the TF700T which has a better display and slightly faster processor.

To be honest, the question was pretty tough to answer because my needs may most likely be different from yours. In my opinion, knowing what you need out of your smartphone/tablet would help you determine the best possible
slate and handset combination.

For Bob:

If only I had so much cash to pick out two devices for a combo, I’d pick a Google Nexus 10 and a Nokia Lumia 920. I am making this decision based on what online reviewers said for the meantime as I haven’t got my hands on any of them yet. My reason is almost the same with Ron as I’d like my phone to carry a very capable camera.

The Nexus 10 would be my choice because I use my tablet all for my multimedia needs. A 2560 x 1600 display is more than enough along with a powerful processor. Whatever my phone cannot do with its ecosystem, the tablet can make up for. While its true that Windows Phone 8 won’t go well with an Android tablet, the cloud exists.

Another option I am currently thinking about is a Nexus 4 and a capable Windows 8 tablet. It depends actually. I didn’t invest much in iOS’ ecosystem as I’d prefer a more open OS, and I have yet to try new versions of Windows and Android. Mostly, it’s all about your needs and your personality.

As for my own experience, I currently use an iPhone 4S and a Kindle Fire running a custom Jellybean ROM. Aside from texting and calling, I use the iPhone primarily for taking photos, surfing the web, music and gaming, but due to its poor battery life, I’ve decided to delegate some of the tasks to the Kindle Fire such as Gmail, web browsing, eBook reading and some gaming – tasks that are better done on a tablet. To transfer photos and files across devices I just use apps like DropBox or Box. Aside from that, the iPhone’s iOS gives me access to tons of apps in the App Store while the Android tablet provides me with an optimized Google experience and the versatility of an open OS. Ideally, I’d go for an iPhone 5 and a WiFi-only Nexus 7 but if I’m going to reverse platforms I’d go for a HTC One X+ and an iPad Mini.

So how about you? What do you think is the best smartphone-tablet combo? Should it be of the same platform or different? Discuss it with us by hitting the comments below.

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  1. For me the perfect combo would be the iPad mini together with HTC’s Droid DNA! Under-powered tab for web surfing playing Cooking Mama with and powerful phone for the rest of stuff I need!

  2. for me, its a BlackBerry Torch 9810, New BlackBerry 10, Nokia N9, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 920 and with BlackBerry PlayBook, iPad 4 and Nexus 10…and iPod Touch 5th gen

    i want them all actually! and im willing to carry them all!!! i dont want to invest on one ecosystem only!! i want to invest on atleast 3 or 4 so namely the BlackBerry, iOS, android and Windows Phone… i choose 808 PV and N9 coz of the unique experience that you’ll get!! and it will be rare to get one in near future…and it will be a collector’s item from a nokia fan!

  3. owns an Alcatel 918n and an iPad 1. poor boy :)

  4. kailanagn pa bang i-memorize yan? syempre
    LG Optimus ‘G’

    abangan ang LG Optimus “G2”

  5. got an ipad2 for more than a year now, i’m happy with it, i use it for my presentations and notes and just got an iphone 5 to replace my old BB fone…

  6. My Xperia TX and a Vaio Duo :)

  7. iPhone 5 plus Samsung ATIV samrt PC, sweet. Christmas bonus there you go…or there it went..hehe

  8. iPhone5 plus a samsung ATIV smart PC….sweeet. Christmas bonus there you go…..

  9. jhonas015

    still got the samsung galaxy s2 and planning to buy an ipad mini next month. para android (still waiting for the jellybean) and ios 6 gamit ko.

  10. My cheap combo is a Nokia X6 16gb and the Nexus 7.

    X6 for calls,texts and playing music (it can play my flacs).
    Nexus 7 for browsing,reading,playing movies, and for Android apps.

  11. IC DeaDPiPoL

    U8150 IDEOS & Decolgen

    (down with colds T_T)

    later will get Acer Iconia or an Ainol

  12. I currently own an S3 and an iPad 3.

    I would have liked to have the Nexus 10 tablet because of its gorgeous screen display, however, the iOS market have more apps optimized for tablets compared to the android market/play store.

    I would also like to own an MS Surface tablet.

    I will install the Windows 8 in my PC in the very near future. for now, that’s enough windows 8 experience for me.

    Phone = Android
    Tablet = iOS
    PC = Windows 8

    the best of the THREE worlds. ;D

  13. The perfect smartphone + tablet combo for me could be:

    iPhone 5 64GB + Galaxy Note 10.1
    iPhone 5 64GB+ iPad Mini 64GB Wifi 3G
    Google Nexus 4 (by LG) + Google Nexus 7 (by ASUS)

  14. My current combo is a Sammy S3 and a first gen iPad. When it comes to phone apps, iOS wins hands down with its wide array of apps in the appstore, but as a phone, I think the iPhone is paltry compared to Android ones such as the Sammy S3. Granted it takes some time to learn how to navigate with the Android OS as there is a learning curve to it, but as a phone OS it excels better because you can curtomize it as you like and it has features such as file beaming via BT or NFC which are all handy, and that’s what we want in a phone right? For a tablet experience however, it is a totally different story. Apps in the PlayStore lacks the fun factor compared to the apps for the iPad in the appstore. And I think, a tablet experience shouldn’t be cluttered. Widgets in a tablet, imo, is messy.

  15. Nexus 4 for the phone because it’s nexus. Galaxy Note 10.1 for the tablet because I like to draw. :)

  16. for me..

    1) Galaxy Note 2 + new Ipad
    2) Galaxy Note 2 + Nexus 10
    3) Galaxy Note 2 + Microsoft Surface

    either of the 3 :)

  17. I am currently working with iPad2 and BB (8520 to 9780) for almost 2 years. BB for short emails, messaging,calls and Twitter. iPad for long reads, browsing,FB, note-taking and writing. Works pretty well for me. Can’t find an excuse to upgrade my smartphone and iPad as this current combination covers my needs.

  18. Cherry MObile Omega HD + Nexus 7 32GB

  19. I like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 paired with an ipad air.

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