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November 26, 2012

What is the best smartphone-tablet combo?

As we have mentioned in our past article, smartphones are getting bigger and tablets are getting smaller. While these gadgets try to meet half-way to become the ideal device, there’s still a good gap between them that convinces us to purchase them both. If that’s the case, what do you think is the best smartphone-tablet combo?

Another thing I would also like to consider is what OS is ideal for a smartphone-tablet combination. Is it Android for a smartphone and iOS for a tablet, or is it the other way around? To help start the discussion, I asked my fellow writers about what they think is the best combination based on their own experience.

Let’s start with Ron:

If I were to choose a smartphone and tablet combo, I’d go for the Nokia 808 and ASUS TF300T/TF700T. I still don’t have either of the tablet (I’m still saving up for that), but I already have the Nokia PureView 808. The reason why I picked this combo is because I have the best camera on my phone and I have a good mileage with my tablet (10hrs tablet + 16hrs with keyboard dock)

I think this setup will fit my needs especially when I’m out in the field because I can do my articles easier since the ASUS TF300T comes with a keyboard dock and my Nokia 808 can take very detailed pictures/video. But if you have extra money to spend, I suggest to go for the TF700T which has a better display and slightly faster processor.

To be honest, the question was pretty tough to answer because my needs may most likely be different from yours. In my opinion, knowing what you need out of your smartphone/tablet would help you determine the best possible
slate and handset combination.

For Bob:

If only I had so much cash to pick out two devices for a combo, I’d pick a Google Nexus 10 and a Nokia Lumia 920. I am making this decision based on what online reviewers said for the meantime as I haven’t got my hands on any of them yet. My reason is almost the same with Ron as I’d like my phone to carry a very capable camera.

The Nexus 10 would be my choice because I use my tablet all for my multimedia needs. A 2560 x 1600 display is more than enough along with a powerful processor. Whatever my phone cannot do with its ecosystem, the tablet can make up for. While its true that Windows Phone 8 won’t go well with an Android tablet, the cloud exists.

Another option I am currently thinking about is a Nexus 4 and a capable Windows 8 tablet. It depends actually. I didn’t invest much in iOS’ ecosystem as I’d prefer a more open OS, and I have yet to try new versions of Windows and Android. Mostly, it’s all about your needs and your personality.

As for my own experience, I currently use an iPhone 4S and a Kindle Fire running a custom Jellybean ROM. Aside from texting and calling, I use the iPhone primarily for taking photos, surfing the web, music and gaming, but due to its poor battery life, I’ve decided to delegate some of the tasks to the Kindle Fire such as Gmail, web browsing, eBook reading and some gaming – tasks that are better done on a tablet. To transfer photos and files across devices I just use apps like DropBox or Box. Aside from that, the iPhone’s iOS gives me access to tons of apps in the App Store while the Android tablet provides me with an optimized Google experience and the versatility of an open OS. Ideally, I’d go for an iPhone 5 and a WiFi-only Nexus 7 but if I’m going to reverse platforms I’d go for a HTC One X+ and an iPad Mini.

So how about you? What do you think is the best smartphone-tablet combo? Should it be of the same platform or different? Discuss it with us by hitting the comments below.

79 Responses to “What is the best smartphone-tablet combo?”

  1. John says:

    NEXUS 4 and NEXUS 7 :)

  2. topgun says:

    Nokia 808 Pureview + Google Nexus 7/10 :)

  3. asha says:

    nokia lumnia 920 and xperia s tablet

  4. AsusFan666 says:

    Upcoming ASUS PadPorn err, Padfone 2…

  5. mic says:

    SAmsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus.. no need for two devices, it can be a smartphone and a tablet in one..

  6. Lou says:

    Asus PadPhone 2.. that’s it.

  7. hapismiley says:

    nokia 808 pureview, coz of the camera + samsung galaxy note 10.1 for e magazine, docs on the go, video chat and net surfing :-)

  8. Emansky says:

    Surface and Lumia 920

  9. Mark says:

    I am currently using a Blackberry 9810 and an iPad 2. I was actually thinking of ditching my BB but my love for BBM and the good keyboard was more than enough to make me keep it. My iPad 2 is more than enough for my multimedia and gaming needs, however, for reading books it is quite hefty. I am deciding on buying the Nexus 7 (or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 with 3g for reading) and just an iPod Touch 5th Gen (for multimedia and because I can’t let go of iMessage, I don’t like the iPhone, sold my iP4), and have my BB on my bag for my BB messaging needs. :) Gee, the problems of today! :P

  10. Cj
    Twitter: clarencejohhn

    iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 :)

  11. ryan says:


    im currently using a note 2 and an old ipod touch because i want the best of both worlds (in terms of apps, specially in my line of work)but to answer the question more appropriately, i think a note 2 and an ipad would be a great tandem.

    note 2 pwede din, sya lang, hehe smartphone + tablet = phablet = note 2

    or iphone + nexus 10, pero d ako fan ng iphone =)

  12. Gelo says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 + iPad Mini. Best of both worlds and very portable

  13. Ben Astorga
    Twitter: benitoastorga

    I agree w/ Louie.

    If only I have the money, id grab a HOX+ and an iPad mini right away.
    HOX+ for anything a smartphone is dedicated to do, and with its 2100mAh battery and Android 4.1 it shouldnt fail to impress. Plus it has this gorgeous LCD2 display and build.
    iPad mini for everything iOS. Most great apps come to iOS first and some with no news of availability in other platforms. And we can’t deny that some if not all iOS apps are fare more better looking than their Android counterparts.
    (got the idea on an article in the verge)

  14. Abed
    Twitter: iamogen

    iPad 4 and Nexus 4. Problem is the memory expansion for N4, better get HTC One X+. Prefer iPad more than Android tabs coz of optimized apps dedicated for iPad unlike Android tabs using an enlarged apps from Google Play.

  15. redmd says:

    mine is galaxy note 2. you carry both functions in one gadget and you bring it everywhere without the hassle.

  16. Jasper says:

    Padfone 2 nalang kaya para hindi kayo mahirapan

  17. dolf says:

    I will go for the powerhouse combo of SGNote2 + Nexus7 32GB.

  18. JV says:

    I have a BB Curve 9320. Planning to buy an iPod Touch 5th Gen this December (not really a tablet).

    If I can buy anything I want – HTC One X+ & an iPad 4.

  19. EJ says:

    My combo which i have right now is Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPAD 3. Perfect! LOL

  20. exe says:

    Nexus 7 and a Galaxy S3 :D boom!

  21. philip says:

    Mine is the Lumia 920 + Nexus 7 3G. Since Lumia 920 is not yet available so as with Nexus with 3G, i would have to choose Pureview 808 and iPad Mini. Cant let go of android though. dont know what device i will be using just to have android :)

  22. Bryan says:

    Acer Iconia A500 (or any branded tablet with adapter/dongle to support full size USB) and Nokia Lumia 920. With full size USB support, I have no problem transferring photos from 920 to Iconia even without internet, charge my 920 on Iconia (or other USB powered devices), and watch movies on my external 1TB. About Lumia 920, Pureview, ‘nuf said.

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