Why is the tech market dominated by smartphones?

In the course of our tech coverage both local and abroad, it has become more and more prevalent that smartphones have practically dominated the technology market. And while we also strive to publish a good mix of stories in the IT sector, it’s apparent that the mobile market is the most aggressive.

Only today, a quick survey of our homepage shows that 23 out of 25 of the recent stories we published are all about the mobile market (smartphones and tablets combined). We did not bother checking the hundreds of stories we post every month but it’s no doubt, smartphones/tablets dominated the lot.

A quick survey of our last 10 gadgets reviews also showed 80% are smartphones. Our last 5 international coverages (New York, San Diego, Florida, London, Jakarta) were mostly smartphones (Jakarta was an exception as it was mostly about TVs).

I’m sure the reasons are obvious but here are our thoughts (and in our defense) on the matter.

  • Mobile is probably the fastest growing market. The buying cycle has significantly shortened thru the years. We see new product announcements by the same brand almost every quarter.
  • Handset ownership per user has increased such that a single consumer can easily own two or more handsets at the same time. It’s only in this market that we see this shift make a significant effect (not in laptop, camera or TV market).
  • There are almost the same number of local brands as global brands that are into the smartphone market in the country.
  • Smartphones enjoy a lot of support from the telcos thru subsidies and deferred plans. This makes them more affordable to consumers.
  • There are a number of fiercely competing platforms — iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.
  • Smartphones are the most convergent device — communication, connectivity, entertainment, multimedia consumption, productivity, photography — all rolled into one.

So it’s not really that surprising that a majority of our coverage around here falls under that mobile category but now that we are more aware about it, we’ll have a more conscious effort in putting good mix of diverse content for our readers to go back to each and every day.

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  1. Bisakol

    boss Yuga, nice to see articles like this soo coherently-written (after those string of craptastic arti-gulos from Freking)

    Suggestion lang po, you need to screen his articles para hindi po mapahamak ang buong blog na hinihila pababa ang kredibilidad.

  2. Hala. Wala na ba maisulat na iba? This is an obvious- no brainer article for a supposed tech site. Not surprising. Pero surprisingly, irrelevant.

    Plus, ano ba ang classification ng “tech” sa site na to bukod sa PCs/ mobile/ OS and the occasional Gaming / TV / Photography?

    Just saying.

  3. Benchmark

    Dahil na din siguro mas malaki ang kita ng kumpanya against its production cost. In my opinion, comparing a phone to a laptop or desktop, if you will notice, it is almost has the same proce range, about 20k. But the tiny mobile device is i think much cheaper to build than a huge laptop. Plus the fact, when you buy a desktop or laptop, hinde naman months lang ang pagpalit ng desktop, usually its years, unlike mobile phones, some change or upgrade less than a year. Kaya yun ang mas malakas sa market, dun ka sa malaki kita. Hehehehe IHO lang po.

  4. Iyan Sommerset

    Dunno, honestly. I mean, we’re almost at the point where the OS determines most of the capabilities of mobile devices.

    In contrast with older laptops/pcs, it would be weird to review (for example) one model of Acer Aspire, and then the next day a review of a similar model except with a faster processor/more ram. In the mobile world, those would be two differently-named devices meriting separate reviews…for now.

  5. Robin Lim

    It is simple,I think. The mobile phone is the most personal, of our “Personal Computers”.

  6. Bradley

    Honestly, Abe, you’re just doing a cop-out and it’s apparent that your IQ is not enough to comprehend the more intrinsic details of PC hardware.

    Hell, when you’re only pasting the specs of smartphones and using one or two benchmarks — and you call that a review? You’re already the top tech site in the country and you couldn’t put in the extra effort to raise the benchmark for your site? You don’t even have a mobile version of this crappy blog.

    You very well know that phones are easy to “review” because you don’t have to deal with the rigorous synthetic benchmarks “professional” reviewers engage themselves them in. Techpowerup even launched Nextpowerup to cater to mobile devices.

    It’s safe to assume that you’re just after page views and not committed to quality content. Evidence of this are your narrow page widths that give the illusion of well-written content.


      Sir, ganito lang kasi yan,kung nabababawan ka sa reviews ng site na to wlang pumipigil sau na umalis at wag na magbasa.”Hell, when you’re only pasting the specs of smartphones and using one or two benchmarks — and you call that a review?” – wlang review na pinupublish ang site na to na yan lang ang laman,pakita mo samin kung meron nga(doubt it) tska ang paggawa ng mobile version ay dagdag gastos pa at uneconomical sa kanila kasi d naman ganun kataas ang no. of readers ng site dahil PH lng ang hawak nito,ung ibang INTERNTIONAL sites ay may mobile version dahil d lng sarili nilang country ang hawak nla,pati ibang bansa KAYA DRE KUNG PWEDE WAG KA LNG PURO PANIRA WLA NAMANG EBIDENSYA

    • Vishera


      Ang gusto nya lang gumanda yung blog for christ sake!!

    • Umeffortalagakoya?

      Really? Help? Saying that their IQ is not enough? Wake up…. Sabihin sayo yan ewan q nalang, if he wanted to help, get their email and send his thoughts, not lambasting the site, write his rude comments, and like saying na walang kwenta ang page. If ur not happy, make ur own website. Remember, if u want to help, do it in a classic businessman way. Not the garbage-mouth way.


      @Vishera Sir hindi po siya tumutulong,paninira yan wla siyang basehan sa mga pinagsasabe nya malamang black propaganda yang pinagsasabe nya kasi di ako magsasalita ng ganyang kaharsh kung wla akong basehan HINDI BA TAMA AKO??!?!

  7. eveline

    100 Copy and Paste Stories! hahaha

    • mark vincent

      If you think all those dozens of reviews they publish every month are copy and paste, then you must be insane or just a troll.

  8. ang raming haters ah… pa giveaway na daw kasi. :)

  9. Bat parang nagkaron ng haters ang Yugatech? Propaganda ba yan ng ibang site na gusto rin makaangat? Typical Pinoy mentality. Utak talangka, laging gusto manghila pababa. Hay..

    • don’t easily jump into that conclusion.. you’re also one of the typical pinoys, palabintang? lol

    • tootsie

      Kingina mo ka. Eh tunay naman sinasabi niyan niyang Wth. Pakyu ka pre. FU!

  10. JohnP

    To be honest, i’m a loyal reader of gsmarena.com but when I want to read articles regarding Ph tech, i prefer yuga, they may not test/review/ or sleep with these gadgets, but their articles, which cover the essential details are great.

    Moreso, im using tablets and smartphones, but i really hate the mobile version of the sites, just saying #freedomofspeech

  11. metre9dmt

    To all haters: it is easy to judge other people without knowing the efforts made to do an article, more so cover every local event pertaining computers and phones as well as maintaining a website. I, myself, don’t like some of the articles written but I don’t write such negative thoughts. So give this website some space. If you don’t like what you read, sa iba na kayo magbasa. Wala namang napilit sa inyo basahin ito. Ika nga ng kasama ko, kung ayaw ng mga obispo sa ‘My Husband’s Lover’ e di ilipat nyo sa channel 2! Ipokrito! Hmp!

  12. mang k@nor

    ung mga may ayaw dyan lipat kayo dito sa kin.
    -mang kanor

  13. maers

    Para mo na ring tinanong “Bakit puro smarphones ang sinusulat namin?” Duh. Bobo lang?

    • tangamorinnoh

      kaya puro smartphones ang pinopost dahil un lagi ang may news,dahil ito na ang madalas palitan at ito ang klase ng gadget na may pinakabinibili,sa tingin mo kung puro TV ang nilalabas dito may magbabasa pa kaya ng madami???

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