Tuesday’s Wrap Week 3

Tons of emails unanswered and text messages unreplied. Apologies. I spent the whole morning today rummaging thru last week’s email and responding to each one. I’m still not even halfway finished. The text messages from Sunday and yesterday will have to wait for later.

Here’s some updates on my end before we go to more interesting links:

  • Waiting at the Shangri-la EDSA for a lunch meeting with the people for GO (Genuine Opposition).
  • Next stop is the Smart Mobile TV dinner with executives at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio.
  • Palm Treo launching at The Embassy in the Fort later in the evening.
  • Tomorrow’s lunch with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan at QC for his Kabataan para sa Pagbabago campaign. Anobody who’s a supported of the senator can come. Email me for details.
  • Thursday is part 2 of Max’s Breakfast with Piolo.
  • Planning out of town trips to Bataan, Bohol and Davao (again).
  • Scheduling out-of-country trips to Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey and Germany.

Anyway, let’s get into the more interesting links before this post becomes a Twitter blog.

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  1. I’m not surprised why the MSM journalists think you want to/can be a journo.. because you already are on de facto!

  2. Oops typo… “you are already one.”

  3. @migs: if abe became a writer for MSM, there would be a LOT of things he won’t be able to blog about. hehehe :D

  4. Kaya pala di ka sumasagot sa text ko! I hope I can drop by sa Metrowalk later.. To see if I can be of use…

    Hmmm. GO is thinking newmedia.. how about TU? And the local bets….

    Is there a “central” Phil election 07 blog?


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