Acknowledging Blog Critics

Darren of proBlogger asks “So how do you respond to criticism? What advice would you give?” and shares a rather lengthy piece about he responds to blogging criticisms.

I have had my fair share of blog critics both via the comments section, sms and mostly private (and sometimes anonymous) email. Most of them comments are thoughtful, constructive, encouraging and inspiring. And I can never thank them enough.

Then, there are the rest. Through the years, I have learned quite a lot from them to be frank and have formulated my own steps in responding to them.

  • Consider each feedback or critique to be in good faith, even if reads a little bitter at first glance. Draw conclusions later as to the motive and nature of the comment.
  • Take the critic’s side first before defending yours. You could be reading them the other way. How the feedback was delivered can also be a measure of the critic’s sincerity. Most feedback can be sent via blog comments while others opt to send it over email. Then, there are those who blog about it for their readers before even telling you.
  • Don’t answer back right away. The worst timing to respond to a feedback is when you are busy. Read it again when you have nothing else to do, that way, you are focused and relaxed.
  • Always thank them first, even just for the effort of making the critique whether it be constructive or desctructive. It means that even if don’t like you or your blog, they consider it worth their while to read your blog and even write to you.
  • Be professional when you write back. You don’t want to go down to their level if their are insinuating or hypocritical.
  • Your first response is your only and last response. Don’t feed their ego too much.

How about you? Care to share any tips? ;)

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  1. @yuga

    Well said… yes, you shouldn’t be confrontational when responding and be as amiable as ever. speak’s of ones maturity. :-)

  2. Minsan nakaka pikon talaga. Meron gusto lang talaga mang-inis. Eto ang pangit sa internet eh, di mo masapak ang mga nang-iinsulto. Minsan anon pa yung mga details. Kaso internet to kaya wala tayong magawa. Naghihirap kang makasulat ng mga info, aalaskahin ka lang.

  3. “speaks of ones maturity”

    …and breeding :)


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