Delayed Friday Round-Up

Was out the whole Friday afternoon/evening as Marc and I visited The House on a Hill in Antipolo. I got my long overdue gift (a fruit cake!) and was able to taste party food from the recipe blog.

Thus, this will come in as a delayed Friday round-up…

  • Some guy named John Rana texted me about their new advocacy site, “Yabang Pinoy” is a campaign to raise awareness and heighten Filipino people’s ethos, dignity and pride by advocating the use of a piece of braided abaca band that aims to make a statement. The abaca band aims to signify a Filipino being truly proud to be one. To John: can you send me a couple of those abaca wristbands? I like them.
  • Kaye Inigo’s new personal blog is up. She’s one of our contributors at the Urban Living Blog. She’s also looking for a Web Designer/Developer for her company.
  • A regular reader who wants to remain anonymous sent me a link to a couple of U.S. Marines KC-130 “Hercules” aircraft, each firing their flares with incredible visuals of the condensation due to the wingtip vortices. There’s a term for that whirlwind caused by the tip of the aircraft, just forgot what it’s called.
  • Connie blogs about the “stolen” blog materials (of Happy Vergara and Retz) by the PCIJ. I already noticed this last October 2005 when I got the first copies of the “Hello Garci” book. Had Retz told me he had issues with PCIJ, I could have mediated and help resolve the issue as early as November (and without much ruckus).
  • The deadline for the blog/domain sale is over and though there were several bids, they didn’t come close to expectations. The owner has now decided to retain the domain. Thanks to all those who emailed and inquired.
  • Rain is podcasting from China! He’s now on episode 3 but I have yet to listen to the entire thing. Rain must be really bored in China (are you able to access your GMail from there? Is filtering already in effect?)
  • Super-blogger mom An P is pregnant! You’ ll see her blogging for almost all up and coming blog networks out there.
  • Jayvee has a cool concept for a t-shirt design – “Basta blogger, sweet lover!” Remember, you heard read it from him first.

To those who are trying to reach me on my landline, it’s been down for two days. The DSL is working fine (but sometimes screwy), there’s a dial tone, but calls just doesn’t seem to get thru. You have any idea what’s wrong? (oh, there’s that abraded patch of telephone wire along the door hinges)

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  1. Wha? No Abe, I’m not podcasting. Just doing a series of random podcast reviews.

    I do have excellent podcast concepts (with an ex-officemate dude), but since I don’t have a PC at the apartment, it wont be an easy thing to do.

    And yes, I do have access to Gmail. Meron syempreng mga blocked na sites (blogspot, wikipedia), pero nakakaraos naman.

  2. Gmail filtering? Di ba lang yung issue? Hmm.

  3. Kahit mag proxy ka di pa rin kaya? Via net cafe yan or personal connection mo? I posted links in my “Google dating China” entry about Google eventually taking off access to GMail & Blogger.

  4. Rain, why don’t you try connecting via a VNP like iPig?

    And if a site is secure HTTP, can they still block content? (or maybe they can block the whole domain altogether).

  5. lol on the t-shirt. parang sticker sa tricycle at jeepney ang dating. would love one! hahaha

  6. Hey Yuga!

    Thanks for posting about

    For your abaca bands, kindly call/text Pat at 0917.527.7141 or Maricris at 0917.815.1513.

    Spread the “Yabang”!

    kasabwat sa ka-“yabang”-an,

  7. Salamat Master for the link lovin’. :)

    Anybody who’s interested in the Web Developer position, please contact me at karla(dot)inigo(at)gmail(dot)com.


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