Extending Social Interaction

Blogging from the Blogging & Podcasting Seminar here at the office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation….

A select few have been invited for this exclusive seminar to share the tools of the trade and to spread the benefits and political relevance of blogging in the Philippines with a couple of familiar faces, some came all the way from Cebu, Davao and Palawan.

Was able to catch up with Manolo earlier in the morning and had a picture taken with him. That, after more than two years of email, phone calls and instant messaging — we finally met face to face. He testified to the extent of the power of the internet to connect people, build relationships and create businesses.

A major chunk of that connection is because of blogging — extending social interaction and creating a free flow of conversation.

I also met Jayvee of M|PH for the first time but we talked about a lot of things as if we already knew each other for years. Our interaction via our blogs have virtually been extended to real-life conversations.

And while the participants are busy writing their first blog entry, I felt a sense of fulfilment that we have more people to join us in our conversations.

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  1. Aye, captain Abe..Arrr!
    hehe…Abe and I spent a good part of a year and a half communicating via email and YM, and all of a sudden we were working together on a project which we closed having never met each other personally.

    our first face to face meeting was our planning session for our project. blogging has really driven home the point of how communities are built and nurtured online.

    i sure hope to meet more of the faces behind the blogs one day. till now….Abe…you’ll have to do…hahaha

  2. sorry…till then pala….ayayay!

  3. abe, good job – well done. let’s see how and whether we should continue this effort of “social interaction”

  4. Manuel Viloria

    Hi Yuga! Will you make your presentation available online?

  5. Jayvee F.

    finally i got to meet you!

    was telling manolo that the blogosphere is actually an even smaller world than the philippines itself ;)

  6. Congrats, abe! Btw, finally, nag ‘eb’ na rin kayo hehehe.

  7. I thought I’d bump into you at the Philweavers event last Saturday. Congrats, man! :)


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