How to get a DOST SEI Travel Clearance

So, ok. A friend brought me to NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) yesterday to introduce me to her friend who works there. We asked for advise on how to get my NBI clearance quickly without the hassle of falling in line only to learn if I’m still on the hold departure list, again. Unfortunately, there was no way so I had to assume there hold order was still in force.

This means I have to go to DOST SEI in Bicutan and ask them to give me some sort of endorsement I can bring to the NBI next time. It was fairly simple though it took me several taxi trips from Makati to Bicutan to get some documents.

Here’s what you might need:

1) Formal letter of request addressed to the Director. You can check the current name of the assigned director here.

2) Bring your transcript of records. They might need to look at it to compare with their records.

3) Get the exact address right:

Science Education Institute
Department of Science and Technology
Room 207, 3rd Floor
PTRI Bldg., Bicutan, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 837-1359
(632) 839-0241
Fax No. (632) 837-1924

When you arrive there, pick up a small slip at the front desk and write down the details of your scholarship. Hand it over to one of the officers there where they will check in their database the current status of your scholarship. If you’re not lucky enough, they may ask you to pay some penalties (esp. if you have failing grades) so be prepared to bring some dough. Fortunately for me, I didn’t incur any penalties.

They will then hand you an info sheet indicating their office hours and numbers along with the possible date when you can go back and get your clearance. For travel purposes, you may have to wait 2 working days. For local employment, you can get it in a day.

That’s it. Hope people searching on the web for this finds it useful.

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  1. dost reg3 called me up after they receive my papers. and told me na hindi pwde un work ko. im a bs math maj in comp sci grad and nsa banking industry ko. anyone u know n my same case dn 2lad sakn?

  2. Sheila, I wonder why ganun ang case mo. What I understand is that as long as you work in the Philippines, that is a return of service. I was a scholar before {undergrad} and had my scholarship terminated because I flunk some major subjects. I called them up and I was told na wala na ko obligation sa dost. When I took my NBI clearance {for abroad} di naman ako nakahold. if you still have the contract, basahin mo sya. I think you can plead your case and emphasize that working in the Philippines is a sort of return of service.

  3. Mary Jane Habiling

    Hi, I am a fellow DOST Scholar for two years(Technical Course) i just wanna know if DOST will accept my COE that I worked as clerk/computer operator in our church for two years. Will they accept that for them to issue my final clearance? Any idea guys?

  4. Hi everyone. Three times na akong kumuha ng dost travel clearance. Most recent is this month (August) for graduate studies. Two years na akong employed so DOST made some re-computations as to the amount of bond I had to post. Yung other trips ko, wala akong binayaran. You can check what I did here Hope it helps


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