Bloggers on Press Conferences?

Exist Last Monday I received an invitation for a press conference by a local company named Exist. The letter mentioned about them being voted in ZDNet Asia’s Top 100 Techno Visionaries Award 2006 and being the first Filipino company conferred the Red Herring Asia 100 Award. Exist’s corporate blog can be found here.

So I emailed their Sales & Marketing guy to inform them that I will be attending the conference. They were glad about it and even asked if I could extend the invitation to fellow bloggers as well.

If anyone’s interested to join me, here are the details:

Date: November 16, 2006
Time: 3:00pm
Terrace Indoor Private Room
Heat Restaurant
Edsa Shang-rila Hotel
Mandaluyong City

I will need a head-count as seats for the resto are being reserved. We could also hook-up later on for some coffee or tea. :D

I’ll be coming from another meeting before this around the area so it’s a perfect alibi for me. Besides, I’m also picking up that much delayed ORCR of the car I bought from that Ortigas-based company months ago.

So, is it time for us bloggers to get them Press IDs or somethin’?

My, my, I just remember. I did their logo about 3 years ago. That’s why the company sounds familiar, though I don’t think they remember knew of me by that gig.

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  1. sama na rin ako. baliktad na tayo. i get my press invites from you now. hehe

    im going to the dopod launch on the 21sth tho :P

  2. Score one for the Java developer bloggers! (me! anyone else?)

    Hopefully the founder, Winston Damarillo, would be there.

    I’ll get in touch with them directly. I’m in touch with them already, as part of PinoyJUG (Java Users Group).

  3. @ Migs

    Yup, he will be there.

  4. Interested in joining you. Still tentative right now, though.

  5. I’ll be there. I confirmed with Exist. See you!

  6. I’m interested! :-)

  7. Alright, ituloy angsulong reunion!

  8. interesting… a new company inviting bloggers for a PressCon outside of our industry (gaming industry). I thought bloggers in a PressCon will stay within the boundaries of the gaming industry :p Since most bloggers are either tech or gamers or both.

    Glad to know Philippine businesses are recognizing the power of bloggers, especially when it comes to PressCons and Press Releases.

  9. Yup. Now time for my industry!

    I suggest visiting their site and Simula Labs for background info.

    Winston Damarillo founded Gluecode Software and then sold it to IBM.

  10. Abe, count me in. Now that I’ve finished with my car-hunting (post about this to come later), I can relax and focus on blogging stuff.

  11. Hi Abe!

    Of course I do remember you making the Exist logo before and a whole lot of other stuff. Hehe. Baka ako ang hinde mo na maalala. :)

  12. Hi Ria,

    Yeah, I still have those JOs you sent me. Ayan, just get the names of the people who confirmed here.


  13. Good luck :D

    And thanks for recognizing the power of Bloggers :D The time is nigh that bloggers also get attention in other industries not just gaming. :)


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