Off to San Diego for Qualcomm’s Editors Week Tour

We’re flying to San Diego, California tonight to visit Qualcomm’s Headquarters and attend their annual Editor’s Week to see what’s they’re doing in the tablet, smartphone and wireless market.

In the next couple of days, we’ll be sharing some in-depth coverage of Qualcomm and their popular Snapdragon processors. The whole week is packed with a lot of seminars, talks and Q&As. We hope we’ll also have the chance to get a sneak peek of concept devices they’re working on.

At the same time this week, one of the guys in the team is heading to Bangkok, Thailand to attend the BlackBerry Jam 2012. Watch out for our coverage of that event too.

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  1. Sir Abe share mo po any info regarding their next gen mobile chip-sets which will probably named S5.

  2. Hi I’m from san diego, Pinoy din ako baka pwede mo ako sama diyan


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