Last call for event sponsors!

More on the Blog Parteeh! 2007.

We’ve finalized the date, the time and the venue and we will all reveal it to everyone in a day or two (or ’til the dedicated blog is up and ready). I’ve gotten a fairly good number of sponsors and prize donors but would like to extend the same to those who want to catch up and be counted. ;)

We’ll launch the blog on Friday morning and do some massive blog marketing over at PinoyBlog & PinoyTopBlogs — that’s over 5,000 bloggers reading about the event and seeing your company or product on the sponsors page. I’m sure you’ll get tons of blog mentions and prolly even links. That’s blog exposure for you, your site, product or service. (How’s that for a sales pitch?)

Originally, we wanted this to be small and manageable but from the initial response, it has grown some good traction that we’re making this one bigger. (Yup, even bigger than the last BlogCon.)

We’ve got more sponsors/donors coming up but here are the ones we’ve just added to the list:

Attendees will get to bring home schwags/goodie bags and we’re raffling off a lot of prizes, games & interactive contests rolled in. Registration requirements will be posted within the week on the official site so stay tuned.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind sponsoring, but I’m not too sure what I can contribute. Oh well… I’ll probably just shoot like crazy and post my photos. See you there!

  2. Gusto ko magsponsor nung Spam, pano ba yon? :)

  3. @ elber

    Dude, this time ha? Dami ka na absences! :p

    @ marc

    hahaha!~ We actually talked about that Spam during the meeting. They closed shop sa Glorietta ‘coz mahal and you can buy the same spam sa department store.

  4. @marc

    spam na pagkain ha.. baka spam emails ang i-sponsor mo hehehehe :P Wala nagkakulitan lang sa spam na yan nung meeting hehehe

  5. Wow! Exciting na naman ito! :D

  6. Aww man, I’d love to sponsor some food. How do I go about it? (I’m in Davao)

    • kame nlng ang supurtahan nyo sir..we need sponsors for an advertising event sa school namin.plss

  7. Hi !

    May I ask does new bloggers (like me) could attend the party ? I would like to join the blogosphere community.

  8. im jaz wishing na maudlot ang planong bakasyon, para maka join ako dito, and finally makikilala ko na rin ang mga big boss sa pinoy blogging community.


  9. @muller

    Everyone’s welcome! :D Just watch out for the official announcement re the PARTEEH! :)


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