LG Optimus Mega Sale on July 1 – 10, 2011

This is like the 3rd sale LG has put on for their new Optimus line-up. From July 1 to July 10, the LG Optimus 2X and the LG Optimus Black will have their prices slashed by up to Php3,000.

It’s not as big as the 50% off they did last month but should attract a few more buyers who are just waiting for the prices to drop down a bit (considering the SRPs are very close to the SGS2 which also did a Php3k sale last week).

See poster below for details:

Here’s the list or participating dealers nationwide (download here).

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  1. knee loat

    correction: N82 kaya ung unang dual core smartphone

    mas mainam na sabihin nilang unang dual core android smartphone itong LG optimus 2

  2. Im selling Brandnew LG Optimus 2X for 20.3K with 1-yr LG warranty. PM me here in my email jps_32000@yahoo.com if your interested. Thanks

    • Waszup

      Bastos mo. Kung may ad ka kaya tapos i undercut ka ng isang nagcomment anong mararamdaman mo.

    • Tangeena mo, wag mong benta basurang LG phone na yan dito. Anyway, basura talaga mga LG phone, nyahaha.

  3. wreek888

    i got LG optimus 2x and i dont have any problem about reboot, being dead etc. battery life is a bit short but off course its dual core, my phone function normally as like any other phone, the screen display is so bright and vivid and web browsing is faster than my iphone 4. I think those who got problems are those who tampered their phone like changing its rom, rooting etc.

  4. memeru

    huhuhuh malapit na matapos ang MEGA SALE, pero bakit wala pa dito sa albay, bicol ng mga stock, i need to buy O.B.
    LG Please padala na kayo ng stock dito, malapit na matapos ang PROMO

    • @memeru,

      try posting in “LG Optimus PH” FB page your concern/problem with stocks in Albay regarding their products.



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