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September 06, 2011

MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale 2011 Pricelist

One of the most anticipated sale events that we look forward to every year is the MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale. On September 13-16, the MSI-ECS Sale will again happen at their warehouse in Libis. But before you go, check out the price list below.

This should allow you to check which items are worth getting and preparing enough cash before your trip to their warehouse.

Could not see any good deals with Apple products and Macs. Even the Acer tablets are still expensive compared to the ones we see in stores (you just have to look really hard).

Here are some possible good finds in the list:

11.6″ Lenovo ThinkPad Edge – Php12,400 (demo units)
Microsoft Arc Mouse – Php1,200+ (new)
HP Mini 210 – Php10,000

The rest aren’t really that attractive. Do let me know if you find one though.

MSI ECS Warehouse Sale Price List is out!

27 Responses to “MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale 2011 Pricelist”

  1. ynupq says:

    Lenovo Y470 @ 20% Discount. Decent Midrange Gaming Laptop. GT 550M GPU.

  2. Dhan
    Twitter: dhantoinkzz

    the download doesn’t work on this embedded post yuga.

    for interested readers, you can download the file here instead in pdf/txt format


  3. nice list yuga! I’ll check them out.

  4. Mikhail
    Twitter: mikolalo

    Can I buy online and have them shipped to provinces?

    I’m interested!

  5. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    I can’t seem to download the pdf T_T

  6. Jemzrock
    Twitter: jemzrockzako

    Hndi nadodownload.. Tsk. Sayang,mas madali sana makita mga items :(

  7. Mr.A
    Twitter: solidad

    The 23″ Samsung LED Monitor for 7.2K is a very good deal.

  8. darlene says:

    nako dyan sa mga warehouse sale ako nadale ng defective devices. dati i bought an acer laptop na unknown yung status ng ibang unit. nako nasira agad ang mobo. tapos nung binalik ko wala da warranty warehouse sale.

  9. daddyjoey says:

    ung lenovo tpe din nakita ko :) sana good as new pa mga units :)

  10. mico says:

    saan ba location ng warehouse sale? kulang kulang naman tong blog ni yuga.

    • Name: Chito
      Twitter: dlreyes

      The address is on the picture above (inside the drawing of a paper bag)… 3 Economia St, Libis, QC

  11. mike says:

    di ba dapat pwede ireklamo sa DTI to? yung mga sinoli na defective units binibenta pa nila. Parang botcha pala to.

    • Mr.A
      Twitter: solidad

      Most known electronic stores are doing this. Pero they can’t sell it as brand new kasi binuksan na. Refurbished items ang mga ito.

  12. Archie says:

    This where you will see the brands that have the most defects, its Acer and HP ahahahaha.

    I guess its good to buy the DEMO units for the ones with dead pixel and other issues, I’m sure those are repaired units already.

  13. Iyan Sommerset
    Twitter: iyansommerset

    The servers and networking stuff might be of interest to SMEs. Otherwise, I dunno…didn’t see too many interesting deals for me.

    The place is right beside an office I used to work for. That small street at the back/side of Eastwood, leading to the road that goes to Marikina/Antipolo/Marcos Highway.

  14. jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    It’s a very nice opportunity for those who are just like me who can’t afford to acquire expensive gadgets.

  15. gab says:

    what does it mean na Demo Unit? Thanks!

  16. zark says:

    Ung Lenovo na Y460 na 37,000 gusto ko! Kaso 6 months lang warranty, sabi SRP daw e 55,000. OK kaya to?

  17. denjx says:

    langya…. hording ang nagyari.. kung bumili sampu agad na laptop binili… im sure asa tipid pc n un…

  18. nebula says:

    yung 44 units ng acer led 22″ may pumakyaw daw pati yung lenovo thinkpad 11″ lolz

  19. Jojo says:

    Yup, hoarding ang nangyari. People were buying beyond normal single-person/household consumption.

    Sana MSI-ECS implemented a reasonable quota para more people happy. Ako, I went home empty handed. Most of the stuff I wanted were already taken and this was only at around 12:30 noontime.

  20. jojoc says:

    Was there yesterday an hour before the doors opened. I was #48. I can confirm what denjx wrote. They were buying like 6,7 laptops each. And accessories by the dozens. And when I got out the queuing number was well over the 500 mark.

  21. dose says:

    MSI-ECS sales is extended daw till Wednesday next week?

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