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December 07, 2011

On the set of our Christmas Gadget Gift Guide for ANC

The crew from ANC came by this afternoon to do another shoot about Christmas Gadget Gift Ideas. Was at the studio of Future Perfect last week to tape this same segment so this is more like a continuation.

Actually, I almost missed that taping because of the heavy traffic (took the MRT in the middle of the drive to ABS) and since I was in a hurry, I forgot my bag of goodies in the car. The ones that I brought were already shown by @artsamaniego in the previous gap (Galaxy Note, iPhone 4S, Huawei E586).

The re-shoot was done at home and it was going to be a longer one — more like a show-and-tell segment. And since I have more than 3 dozen gadgets at home, it took us more than 2 hours to cover most of them.

The ones we did in more detail were smartphones — we got 13 handsets on display this afternoon, 3 of them are review units while the rest are mine. The Galaxy Note is there, the iPhone 4S, the Droid Razr, the Sensation XL and HTC Rhyme which were launched this evening were on the table too. So is the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9790 which will be released in the Philippines next year.

We did cover a little bit of the tablets, ultrabooks as well as some media players (Noontec, Mede8er and AC Ryan). We also did some of the unique routers I’m using at home and on the road and the Drobo that was recently given to me by the folks from JT Photoworld. That’s like just half of the items I had and if we had to cover everything I don’t think I might eat the airtime of the entire show so we’re leaving it a bit open-ended.

Anyway, if you can’t catch that segment (runs on Thursdays at 7PM with replays at 10PM), I’m also finishing up my own gadget gift guide this week (to be published soon). Hopefully, it will help you decide on the gadgets you want to buy for yourself or loved ones this Christmas.

28 Responses to “On the set of our Christmas Gadget Gift Guide for ANC”

  1. Jhay says:

    WOw! A Bellagio!! *droool*

  2. James
    Twitter: jhtadle

    Must see.. Can’t wait to watch

  3. Xy-Za | Purpleslippe
    Twitter: xyzaspeaks

    13 handsets? 3 dozen gadgets???? pahingi!!! paraffle na natin yan… hehehe

    More power idol!

  4. Benchmark says:

    Just want to know, Sir Abe, after you used the gadget, what will you do with it? Just keep it or give it away with friends? (Or sell it…probably Yuga Auctions?) :-D

    More power!

    (Is ANC only available in cable TVs?)

  5. dave says:

    Nigel says:
    Thu, December 8 at 3:00 am Umm.. That’s 1 dozen plus 1. =)
    And, yes, raffle! raffle! raffle! And hope that i will cover us here in mindanao too!

    – yees… one for mindanao!! go yugatech..!!

  6. exe says:

    bat walang xperia play jan? hahaha

  7. Gams says:

    Yeah!I,m a Sony Ericsson fan Sir Abe.Sana naisama mo ang SE Neo Pro.I always watch ANC’s Future Perfect.

  8. Remoquin says:

    Give love(gadget) on Christmas day.

  9. goodha says:

    puro high end at karamihan android. drooling!!!
    sana magsama din si guru abe ng low end na androids at itest niya objectively. and since it is a xmas gift guide, dapat covered lahat ng markets not just the high end ones.

  10. Marco
    Twitter: akosicoy

    How I wish may magbigay sakin nyan… hehe

  11. Eason says:

    *drool* Just a SUPER AMOLED phone will do me fine ahahahaha

  12. el toro bumingo
    Twitter: eltorobumingo

    Wow, kumpleto ang photoshoot! With lights and all :)

  13. jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    Nice! You were blessed with gadget to the good work you did.

  14. cris says:

    w0w.. iba talaga si sir abe.. more power yugatech!!

  15. dino manuel prestado says:

    i love your work sir yuga!

  16. jhepoyski
    Twitter: jhepoyskee


  17. jhepoyski
    Twitter: jhepoyskee


  18. KraM says:

    Whoaaa!!! Samsung Galaxy Note is soooo big . .yummy!!

  19. Jp says:

    Please give me one as a Christmas Gift :D

  20. Raven says:

    aaaahhh, he’s got the rhyme… tears.. T_T

  21. sanji03
    Twitter: mrhayato_

    Cool! sana ganyan din work ko. Ahehe, Yeah Sir Abe you should do an auction or sale of your smartphones. I’ll buy an iPhone 4. LOL

  22. Sir abe ang gaganda naman po ng collection nyo! The best talaga kayo!

  23. paolo
    Twitter: OdeiraOloap

    Yay for the HTC HD7! :D (right of the iPhone 4S, left of the SensationXL, lower row.)

    It makes me not think about the fact(s) that Angry Birds is $2.99, there is no *real* Tumblr app, and relatively few people have experienced, more so know about, the Windows Phone OS running onnit. :D

    Makes me proud to own one. Definitely deserving. (Also the Galaxy S2. Very quick phone.)

    I have one more reason to watch TV on Thursdays (because of you, sir Abe). :D

  24. Lulu says:

    wwoooo.. :O ikaw n maraming gadget.. hehehhe.. :P more than 3 dozens…? gosh anong pinagggwa mo s mga un kuya? :P

  25. Dexter | Techathand
    Twitter: techathand

    Ang daming gadget :) at smartphone.. malaki na kinita nyang mga gadget na yan.. sabi mo nga it is more of an investment.

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