Samsung teases new Galaxy & ATIV devices for June 20

Samsung is holding another global event in London to launch their newest Galaxy and ATIV devices, then teases us with what they would look like in an invite.

The press invite sent to us shows what could be a smartphone-tablet hybrid (phablet) that has an aluminum and polycarbonate body with a honeycomb-shaped pattern around the body.

The other shadowy device looks like an ultrabook/tablet hybrid with built-in kickstand. We’ve yet to fully figure these out but we’ll surely be there in London to cover all these for you.

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  1. amf tlga nman oo kk bili ko lang last week ng s4

    • variant lang yan ng s4 hindi s5 KALMA LANG

  2. dan_md

    Photo on top left might be the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active showing the upper back portion of the device with the slivery/metallic grey cover and the upper section made of a matte polycarbonate material.
    left lower photo might be a Samsung ATIV PC, the imaged portion teases us to a slider form factor with a supporting hinge (Think Sony Vaios Duo 11).

  3. dan_md

    ^follow-up to my previous post, this might be the new Galaxy that Samsung will soon announce. SGS 4 Active (SGS4’s water- and dust-proof counterpart).


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