Samsung to host event on Feb 24, likely Galaxy S5 launch

Samsung has just posted on their Twitter an invitation for their Unpacked event on February 24 at Barcelona, Spain. Following the rumors of an early launch and having a promising ‘5’ on the invite – we can only say that there is a high possibility of seeing the Samsung Galaxy S5 before the month ends.

Unpacked 5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to have a 2K display, a 64-bit Exynos CPU with a Snapdragon 805 variant, 4GB RAM, Samsung’s ISOCELL imaging technology and a brand new design language – in hardware and in software. Metal is poised to shine as speculated and a brand new TouchWiz will be running the show.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Stay tuned to YugaTech for more updates and coverage! For the meantime, you may want to read Samsung’s next flagship phone here:


Updated: We’ve also gotten another source confirming that the Galaxy S5 will be revealed the night before Mobile World Congress. – Yuga


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  1. Let us wait and see this new phone…S3 user and will wait for this

  2. cool guy LoL

    Wow! Can’t wait to see the S5!

  3. Barely a year since the S4 launch comes the S5. Don’t get your hopes up people. I have a feeling it’s just going to be a new body, a new TouchWiz… and that’s all!

    • mang kanor

      bakit? anong NEW gusto mo?

    • @mang kanor
      In Samsung’s case, NEW feature also means NEW bloatware. Seriously, Touchwiz is getting more bloated every time Samsung releases a new flagship phone.

  4. Looks like Samsung’s slaughter will never reach its end, eh? I guess it’s about time for Samsung to refresh the design of their smartphones because it’s definitely growing stale for a lot of people out there.

    • I concur!

    • lakan tutero

      “Wipe the slate clean. Burn it down!”

      That’s one thing I’d always like to say to Samsung because of their overly-used design.

  5. None is new with this handset, it comes the same with is predecessor… Little tweak maybe

  6. abuzalzal

    This is gonna be the best phone ever! OMG!!! #excited

  7. Android-Head

    Apple iWatch!… grabe naman, if it looks that sexy i’ll be everything. lahat! haha…namane…

  8. u can squeal as much as u want. im getting an S5 as soon as its released.


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