The Blog Herald & ClickTheCity sponsors the PBA07

We’re really glad to receive more and more support for the Philippine Blog Awards and yes, we can never stop saying thank you. Today, we signed up The Blog Herald and Click the City among the newest major sponsors for the event. Of course, we also have Pinoy Money Talk, My Journal Philippines and Ad Max Asia as major sponsors. More inquiries are coming in and we’re hoping to snag that co-presentor deal with a telco I can’t divulge at the moment. :)

We’ve also been blessed with a very supportive blogging community who are willing to take time off from their busy work schedule and help organize the event. Thank you, thank you!

So, the more sponsors we get, the more prizes, raffles, food and stuff to giveaway. Yes, the iPod is on its way.

If you think you and some blog you read everyday is worthy to be called one of the best in the Philippines, go nominate them now.

A partial list of nominees are listed here.

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  1. hi abe! just curious… which telco is this? lol

  2. @chinkey: secret! :D hehehehe

  3. hahaha… secret daw lolz… :P

  4. You have three to choose from: Globe, Smart or Sun. I’d rule out Sun. But my guess is Globe Innove. You can say Smart. One of us is right for sure. :)

  5. Cheers to the guys at ClickTheCity, my clients in my former career!


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