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June 09, 2014

Xiaomi makes Philippine presence official

Over lunch today Xiaomi VP for Global Hugo Barra (a former Google exec) presented their MI line-up to us and explained the preparations they’ve made for the consumer launch of Mi smartphones in the Philippines.


We still can’t reveal the exact details of the date of release, pricing and the sales channel as it is still being ironed out. We we can say is that very soon, you’d be able to order a Mi smartphone online and deliver it to your home in 24-48 hours (so prepare your credit cards).


Xiaomi’s strategy is to sell directly to customers to cut down on distribution costs and marketing costs which means the handsets are more affordable compared to other devices in their respective categories.

Xiaomi has prepared 7 service centers and 53 drop off points so that customers have access to after-sales support. There’s also a hotline if customers have questions about the devices. They have also set up a small office here in BGC.


While we cannot make any specific announcements on the retail prices of the Mi phones, we can say that it will be almost similar (very close) to what they are selling it elsewhere.

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22 Responses to “Xiaomi makes Philippine presence official”

  1. jake says:

    Are they going to sell Smart TV as well?

  2. tensaig2 says:

    woooot! :) did they mention what models will they be selling initially?

  3. al88cbu says:

    Local brands should take good care of their health for the coming battle because other China brands will fire back. And they will get caught in the crossfire.

  4. Auror says:

    any news on how they will handle after-sales support?

  5. Freeje says:

    Yeah get ready to be disappointed with their online ordering system. They only make available a few units at a time so you have to be quick when they start selling them. They run out in just a few minutes.

  6. Purry says:

    pano kung walang credit cards? cash onhand lang pano po kame magbabayad nun? bago ba matapos itong june ay may irerelease na nla?

  7. Vance says:

    P500 10400 mah portable battery for sure will be out of stock until next year.. Singapore site already says no stock..

  8. ukin inau says:

    Patay na ang mga overpriced apple, eto na ang isa pang sipang kabayong super toro matapos tadyakan at apak apakan ng samsung.

    • archie says:

      Bakit mo binanggit ang bawal na salita? Gusto mo bang sugurin ka ng apple zombies? Mababagsik sila, puno ng emosyon at pagsamba sa diyos nilang si iPhot kaya ingatan mong wag lapastanganin ang kanilang sacred cow.

    • wew says:

      grow up pls. sa pangaasar nyo sa apple fans mas nagmumuka kayong bata.

  9. LivingSouL
    Twitter: marcroger

    Oh! This is exciting… :)

  10. lolwut says:

    Their step in making an online marketing attempt is great. I hope that they have better payment options than that of credit cards. We all know for a fact that not all Filipinos doesn’t have credit cards, even people with stable jobs don’t get it. Also, if they could have better after sales support than what local brands are currently offering, then they’ll definitely get a bigger part of the Philippine smartphone market.

  11. archie says:

    “Selling directly to consumers” the eyecandy on reading this article,bawas mark-up at patong ng mga mall sa pagtitinda. Kung masasabay ang Pinas sa launching ng mi3s (rumored price: above $320 only for a flagship phone?), then it will be a good competition against the smartphone big boys.

  12. john layson says:

    their smart tv is also exciting.. hope that this phone will have better quality when it comes to durability and quality

  13. Question says:

    Are you still supporting Chinese brands after all the news about China’s actions on West Philippine Sea?

    • archie says:

      Are you still getting your education from the cavemen? 95% of gadgets around the world are made in China and if you hate them that much, don’t buy anything.

  14. Denephew says:

    Archie you have been activated to guard the west philippine sea so move your stinking ass outa here soldier!


  15. archie says:

    Too much pinoy pride seeds, birdbrain? Nakabahag pa ang mga Pilipino, may kanyon at galleon trading ships na ang China. Puro kayo patriotic hypocrites. Ayaw nyo sa mga Amerikano at Chinese pero bumibili kayo ng mga gamit nila. Sabi nga ni Einstein, too much nationalism is the disease of foolish people.

    • Denephew says:

      Private no class Archie andyan kana ba sa West Phil. Sea please confirm your location over?


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