BFF Timeout App by McDo+Coca-cola wants you offline

Last Wednesday, McDo invited us to a quick BFF meal to share with fellow bloggers and at the same time introduced their new BFF App.

If you’re a regular McDo customer, then you are already familiar with their BFF meals. The BFF Timeout App aims to take it further and challenges you and your friends to take the time off.


Time off from your smartphone, that is. No text messages, no calls, Instagram, FB or Twitter while with friends. The app just makes it easier and more fun, plus it adds some incentives if you reach some milestones.

The idea is pretty simple — start a BFF Timeout session with your friends using your smartphone, once they accepted the invite, the Timeout session begins and clocks everyone.


The goal is to last as long as you can without using your phone. That means you can’t answer SMS, chats, calls or even use Instagram to take a selfie with your friends. That means while everyone is enjoying their McDo BFF meal, no one is using their phones and will be forced to just… talk to each other.


Sound easy, right? Well, do try it out with at least 4 of your friends the next time you’re having a meal at McDo. To sweeten the deal, McDo is giving out prizes to the high scorers and badge earners. Learn more about the raffle here.

Download it from Google Play here or the iTunes App Store here.

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  1. jefflacs

    No Windows Phone App :(

  2. Hen-Sheen

    The Good old days; where we dine n’ chat with our friends/peers without the hassle of digital interruption.


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