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Didn’t realize Feedburner already has their own built-in web stats tracker (Feedburner StandardStats). It’s now live and if you are already using Feedburner’s Feedflare feature, you can just activate the StandardStats and it will also track your blog visitors separately from your RSS readers:


To activate, login to your Feedburner account, go to Analyze then hit StandardStats and click on Activate. If you enjoyed looking at the nice graphs for your feed subscription data, I’m sure you’d love this one too.

Let’s see if this one could actually replace any of the 3 external analytics tools I’m currently using.

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  1. Nick Wilson (intentionally?) obscured it in a comment: Performancing Metrics is shutting down on Wednesday the 10th.

    What’s in Performancing and not FeedBurner: Adsense click tracking.

  2. Same here. I moved to feedburnder standardstats after hearing from migs that Performancing is shutting down.


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