Greenpois0n Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 out

It’s really bound to happen for every new version of iOS 4.2.1 and the Chronic Dev team is the first one to release it (albeit with some limitations).

Biggest limitation as of now is that it’s only available on the Mac (Windows and Linux might follow soon).

This is just a jailbreak for 4.2.1 but there’s no SIM unlock yet. Feel free to try it with your iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone 4.

See Greenpois0n here.

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  1. Why I cant find yugatech’s feed in instapaper?

  2. Abe, what does it mean that there’s no sim unlock yet?

  3. Ibig sabihin, jailbreak lang yan. Yung pang unlock, di pa lumalabas. Kaya lahat ng nagaabang ng unlock, DON’T upgrade to iOS 4.2.1.!! unless if your iP4 is on baseband 01.59.00, you can use TinyUmbrella to preserve baseband.

    In short, if you’re not on BB01.59.00,



    Antayin daw muna nila ilabas ang iOS4.3 bago ilabas ang pang unlock accdg to Chronic Dev team.

    • Sir mga kelan po kaya po magkakaroon ng unlock ung 4.2?

    • Sir mga kelan po kaya po magkakaroon ng unlock ung 4.2? .

  4. @cosmic thanks for the clarification

  5. Benchmark33

    sad :( all the downloading site of greenpoison has been block…maybe by apple company :(

  6. I don’t think Apple blocked the greenpoison website. It’s legal to jailbreak. I think the site has too many visitors.

  7. Benchmark33

    Yahoo! I got the file…will try it next time. Hehehehe

    yup, Carlo, I think you are right…it is not blocked…perhaps its their system is loaded due to thousands of people accessing their site :-) Thanks!

  8. LunaTech

    got my cousin’s ipod touch to jailbreak with 4.2.1. maybe this week my friend’s iphone 4 heheheehhe

  9. Is there a tool in jailbreaking my heart? – im getting emo here.. hehe… nothing to comment. Just dropping by to say this site has loaded with latest info.

    @all is there any site that gives information about the latest technologies?

  10. What’s the difference between 4.1 jailbreak and 4.2.1 jailbreak? are there differences between compatibility of cydia apps? I would like to upgrade my ipod touch to 4.2.1 but i’m worried that i’ll loose my application data, game save files, and some cydia app compatability.. please give me some info.. thanks :)

  11. @Lester, back up first your device in 4.1,, then upgrade it to 4.2, jailbreak it add your cydia sources, install appsync 4.2.. Then restore your device from the back up you just made under 4.1 ..there will no any changes in your apps except if the app is not comptible w/ 4.2 it won’t work..

    @deuts, if you rely on unlock dont use this jailbreak instead use PwnageTool this will allow you to update your device to 4.2 and jailbreak it.. but it preserve your current baseband.. TinyUmbrella will saves your SHSH of your device..

    • Sir, pano po kung na-uprade ko ung iphone in to 4.2 n nd ko binack-up.nangyari po nwla ung cydia tapos nd n mabasa ung sim q ng service carrier,mangyayari po ba n hihintay q nlng talaga lumabas ung pang unlock? tyaka jailbreak?

  12. Sir ano pong gagawin ko ngayong narestore ko ung iphone? nawala kc ung mga application


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