looloo app hits the iTunes App Store

looloo – a new iPhone app that lets you discover, review and share great places in the Metro has finally landed on the iTunes App Store.

If you live in Metro Manila and want to discover places like restaurants, hotels, spas, or nightlife spots, then this new social networking app will surely hook you up. looloo can show you not only nearby establishments but also those that are Trending, the Best, the Latest, those you Haven’t Tried, and those that have been visited by Followed friends. After you’ve tried out a place you can then rate it, leave a review, or recommend it to your friends if you loved it. From there you can gain Followers and increase your Inflooence.

Below are the main features of looloo:

• Find restaurants, nightlife spots, spas, and other places of interest.
• Search for places nearby or within a specific area in Metro Manila.
• Want to try out a place you haven’t been to? Read looloo reviews on it first! See if your friends have been there and find out if they hated, liked, or loved it.
• Rate and review places you’ve tried out. Describe how your experience went. Don’t forget to add a photo!
• Share your looloo reviews with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
• Do you think some of your friends will love a place you just visited? Recommend it to them!

looloo is a free app and is currently number 3 on the App Store charts. You can download looloo here.

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  1. Grammar nazi mode. Always start your sentence with a capital letter, even if the noun’s standard form beging with a small letter. :)

  2. Hopefully they release this on Android and WP as well.

  3. I believe “loloo”‘s a product logo/trademark and should be written as it is.

  4. better than foursquare? :D

  5. I think the people behind this app deserves a mention. If you are gonna feature local apps, might as well feature the pinoy devs who did this.

  6. The app sin’t working sir Abe. It says it needs to connect to my facebook account but is not redirecting to the facebook app. Already sent an email to looloo. :(

  7. I love the app, but it’s buggy. Hope they fix it soon.

  8. ScumBagged Grammars Nazissss Trololololol!

  9. This app might face the 20/80 problem. Where 20% of the users actually contribute 80% of the content — in this case, reviews — which may entail bias. Hope they find a way around that soon, i fear establishments that could not afford yet negative input would legally opt out from the system. Overall, it’s a Great App! Cheers.

  10. Ghost Riley

    The app looks great! It’s really helpful especially if you’re looking for places to go to. Kudos to the team behind it!


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