Spotify PH becomes official; Php129 for Premium

We first leaked the news back in January about Spotify coming to the Philippines (and we were asked to take it down by several entities). Then, a couple of weeks ago, we spotted the limited release of Spotify via the Coca-Cola FB Page. Today, it’s official.

Spotify is finally, and fully, available in the Philippines.

While the basic service is free, there is a Premium account that you can subscribe to for Php129/month (it’s $10 a month in the US). The Spotify app is now available for download in the PH iTunes Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play Store.

We also received an invite from Globe to an event tonight about their partnership with Spotify and we hear the Premium service will be free to some subscribers (under the new Globe Go Surf bundle). Will confirm this later.

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  1. nakakatuwa talaga tong blog na to.

    walang love sa wp8. haha

    pero konting utot lang ng ios, post agad. xDD

  2. May spotify din naman wp a

  3. Try you’ll be redirected to the subscription page.

  4. arvinsim

    Looks like a great service.

    BUT will our ISP’s and plans feasibly be able to handle Spotify streaming?

    • I’ve been using Spotify for 2 years (US Account) from the Philippines and I never had issues with it even on high bit-rate streaming. And since Spotify for PC and Mac is a P2P software then it should go through peers and hopefully our ISPs will not throttle it.

  5. Offline playlist!

  6. Grooveshark na lang free pa.

    • Yeah its free but you only get a few songs. Spotify has a lot more to offer. If you support the artist then this is a good way to pay their efforts. Spotify pay royalties to the artist while we stream them so this is less piracy and its legal.

  7. Easy E

    Spinnr for Sun/Smart and this for Globe. For the rest of us, thePiratebay. LOLOLOL

  8. I’m glad they are partnering with Globe and hopefully they are not going to disappoint Spotify subscribers since it uses P2P (PC and Mac only – and I heard Globe is throttling P2P connection on their network).

  9. Although i like grooveshark, spotify is a legit service. People are focusing on the premuim but forgetting that you can stream music on the web or app for free but with ads just like radio. Grooveshark also has ads after a few songs.

    • I tried it but its not letting listen to any artist or song on a free account so far…maybe they limited that free listening to us and europe accounts for now

    • Correction, the philippine account works on the web and desktop app but on the ipad, its not able to play anysong only radio. Hmm

  10. anongaba

    If you subscribe to Globe go surf 299 you can have 30 days premium for spotify…For premium account :)

  11. deathnotice01

    $2.8 is dirt cheap already compared to the $10 US price. I’m glad spotify finally landed here in PH. I’ve subscribed to their premium service and the selection of music is unbelievably unbeatable.

  12. Nakita ko ito noong isang araw lang and immediately subscribed to premium.. now enjoying spotify on my Lumia ^_~

  13. asar sa globe

    I am subscribed to globe unlisurf and spotify 299 which means that I possibly have a 1Gb per day limit on data and a 30 day spotify premium access. I’m sure that I have not exceeded my 1GB limit for today. I used my spotify app and tried to listen to some music, turn the offline mode on for my current playlist at ng biglang dumating si 8888 at naghello :( bulok na system? di ba dapat separate ang data counter ng unlisurf sa spotify?

  14. hai this is me,,mc ren,,

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