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April 06, 2014

After phones, tablets, watches & cars, Android goes TV?

We already have Android phones and tablets, and recently, Google went into watches with Android Wear and has also announced an Open Automobile Alliance for Android cars. What’s next? It’s probably Android TV.

Android TV

The Verge claims to have obtained information on what Google is working on as of the moment and it is going to succeed Google TV. This time however, it’s fully made out of Android.

Android TV will feature your movies, TV shows, apps, games and notifications all in one platform featuring Google’s Card UI. Major app and game developers are already working with Google for this project, and when it releases, it will most likely involve a set-top-box and a remote that features a four-way directional pad and enter, home, back & search buttons (optional gaming controllers will be available). Android TV will also support voice input and integrated search.

Other TV manufacturers are also working on their own Smart TV platforms such as LG, Samsung and Sony. Whether they will adapt to this upcoming platform is still unknown, as well as how everything will work out considering Google also has their Chromecast for sale. We will all have to wait for Google IO this upcoming June to get all the information.


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  1. abudaku says:

    matagal na po me android TV!!! i have one… pasyal pasyal din sa appliance center pag me time..

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