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August 25, 2005

Driving Traffic thru PSAs

Don’t let your blog’s AdSense ad space go to waste by letting Public Service Ads take some of the airtime. Why not make your own ads for special entries or other sites you own? This can be achieved by using the optional Alternate URL feature in your AdSense code.

google_alternate_ad_url = “http://”

What you need to do is create a new HTML page in your site where you place your own ads. This new page will be bare except for your own image ad or text ads (with links of course). Make sure that the ads on this page will use the same size and layout as the one your use for AdSense.

Now you can include this inside your AdSense codes:

google_alternate_ad_url = “”

Now, everytime a PSA would have to appear in your ads, this alternate URL will display instead. You can create an ad to direct traffic to another section of your blog or to an entirely new blog you want to promote. That’s another click or two towards your blog which could translate to yet another potential AdSense click.

8 Responses to “Driving Traffic thru PSAs”

  1. Damien says:

    I found a service the other day that provides replacements for the PSAs so I signed up for it. I tend to get PSAs on my forum and also for the firs hour or two when a new post goes up (until the crawler reads it). The company is called Alternate URL (and does exactly what it says on the tin lol) here’s the address… (Affiliate link, hope you dont mind!)


    The Burning Question

  2. Marc says:

    Yuga, you may also want to try having an affiliate banner ad instead of a PSA.. sign up na sa! :)

  3. yuga says:

    @ Damien

    Got some feedback that the service sucks. Maybe very slow or always down?

    @ Marc

    Used to do that before, i.e. using Clicksor. Didn’t work much as I only earned a buck or two.

  4. cosa says:

    AlternateURL is not good. 90% of the ads displayed are not what I want (from the category I’ve selected upon registration). The CPC is very poor too. I got 200 clicks and earn less than $1.5. Imagine how much I can get from AdSense with that many clicks :p

    Now I’m using my own AdSense-style ads to replace PSA. I promote my other blogs and it works quite good so far :)

  5. aybabtu says:

    If you guys are unhappy with the less then stellar ads produced by then check out (

    These guys provide dynamic contextual and geo-targetting for SearchFeed ads.

  6. aybabtu says:

    Sorry I neglected to include a link Alternate URL Ads.

  7. John says:

    The service has negative comments on another page here.

  8. Isaac Turnow says:

    Accidentally read your message. I’ve found it truly is remarkable. Good writing and await your following message.

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