GMail turns 9, started the growing 1GB Inbox

In April 2004, Google launched GMail as invite-only and introduced one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Inbox in all of the free email world. The default storage size of the inbox was 1GB and increases algorithmically everyday.

Here’s an infographic of the Evolution of GMail, outlining the development of one of Google’s most widely used services. With 1GB right out of the inbox, it was among the biggest with other existing services only giving 50MB to 250MB back then.

Before GMail, most people were either using Yahoo!, HotMail and other similar services. GMail practically stole the limelight in free email and is now among the top 3 email services in the world.

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  1. ganda ng ginawa mong infographic

    • Jay
      Twitter: raphnix

      Hahaha, the sarcasm in this comment is what I see. I can’t even read the text in the infographic.

  2. koolpinoy

    kahit izoom mo na nga yung image di pa rin mabasa… lumuha pa tuloy mata ko pucha! LOL

    • infoseeker

      akala ko ako lang nagtry wahahaha
      hindi ngam abasa sa link ni sir abe

      @slate – thanks for the link

    • Profile photo of Abe Olandres

      Sorry, when the PR rep of Google emailed us this infographic, it was unreadable either.

  3. council
    Twitter: council
  4. tsk tsk…

    I don’t even see a link or attribution to the source…

    • Profile photo of Abe Olandres

      It’s because Google PR sent us this email and infographic just moments ago. I don’t think it needs any attribution back to our Inbox.

  5. Slaters gonna slate

    Google mismo gumawa ng infographic na yan. Mga haters!

  6. Michael
    Twitter: browse10

    One thing I love with Gmail. Once you have the account. You get almost Google services. Like Blogging comes to handy and Youtube account as well. You can do much thing aside sending or receive emails.

  7. Kung nalalabuan kayo, check nyo yung same infographic na naka-publish sa

  8. Dazed_32

    I still remember how I was “wowed” by that 1 Gb mail storage capacity. :-)

  9. Mica
    Twitter: micasobre

    I felt like I was part of the elite just by having a gmail account before. Haha good times

  10. el toro bumingo
    Twitter: eltorobumingo

    I love Gmail. It works fine with Thunderbird. I hope the Yahoo! free email would one day have the option to be downloaded by Thunderbird.

    Thanks Google for giving us Gmail :)


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