Google calls out Apple: “We already did these 5 years ago”

During the recently-concluded I/O conference, Google somehow retaliated back at Apple after they insulted them earlier this month saying, “Android dominates the market in malware”. To which Google said that what they’re doing now isn’t new at all and has already been done by Android years ago.


In addition to what Apple fired against Google they also quoted an article that mentioned, “Android fragmentation is turning devices into toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities”. As a comeback, Google’s Sundar Pichai showed a slide that reports the progress of Android over time and said, “If you look at what other platforms are getting now: Widgets, custom keyboards – many of these things came to Android four, maybe five years ago.”

He didn’t say that it was specifically Apple, but “iOS” was written on the slide referring to widgets, custom keyboards, and text prediction that the Cupertino company has announced last WWDC. For Google, this is nothing new and it just reminds them of their old Android OS version 1.5.

The competition between these two has been going on for years, but we can only expect more in the future as they try to outshine each other and fight for the top spot in mobile technology.


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  1. archie

    I was expecting Sundar Pichai to say “Just leave them with their bashing, we’ll just keep improving our products and let the people judge.”

  2. kontrabida

    Well played. But now Apple will offer a bigger screen on their Iphones.

    I wonder if Samsung will say this… “We already did these 3 years ago”

  3. palm face sa apple….
    (on the other side nokia-eating popcorn watching two sides.)

    • monkey-eating eagle

      Interesting. So you’re a popcorn that eats nokia. Quite unique.

    • @monkey-eating eagle – not as unique as your attempted sarcasm on the comment he/she made, lighten up kid

    • Sa kabilang banda, ang nokia ay kumakain ng popcorn habang pinapanood ang dalawa… Parang ganun..

    • Hahaha… where’s nokia now?

    • @thor – kinain ng popcorn haha…

    • Ex-Alodian Knight

      I’m the Blackberry guy with a Subway sandwich sitting next to the Nokia commenting on the other two OS’s.

  4. Both are great platforms. It just boils down to preferences. When will the bashing end.

    • Agreed, but you know how people loves to argue and feel superior

    • Helveltica

      ^^ This!!!

      I’m just glad that these tech companies accelerate the consumer technology forward, delivering more innovations and could make our lives better. Everybody wins. But hey, some just love bashing, as if they owe the company.

    • Typical

      Let them bash each other, try hard to beat each other. Its us the consumers that wins with better toys. Those who side on either of these forces are either a stockholder or a jealous idiot who cant afford both.

  5. Easy E

    well, that’s entertainment! Nakabili na ba kayo ng Mi3? :D

    • Sold out na daw eh. Pero according to MI Philippines, the price will stay the same for the next sale. :)

    • Easy E

      Oo nga naubus kaagad (as expected). Sana they will sell the big smartphone (redmi note) next hehe..

    • redmi note at mipad na daw ang susunod, bakit kaya ganun ka bilis na ubos ang mi3?

  6. HAHA. Pechay’s got a point. But we all know that Apple’s true power is in its marketing. Bring on the reality distortion field :) I can’t wait for them to come up with their excuse for waiting SO LONG to finally increase screen size. Expect something like “When increasing a screen size, you can’t just be arbitrary. Bigger isn’t always better. But after years of development, we’re ready to change everything -again. Here, have a phablet.” Love, Apple.

  7. archie

    Kung mura ang hi-spec miPad yun na din bibilhin ko. Pampanood ng *ehem* educational videos

  8. android iphone user

    The Google did this 5 years ago. But the IOS cydia developers did this 8 years ago… and all companies are bloating their own ideas but they all run out of it. The IOS now adapts the android ideas (actually its the cydia developers make this one first) and the android is trying their metro style which is from microsoft. Hehehe , they are all just want to make their company’s earn more money…. but we give credits to all of them, not by just one company.

  9. Competition drives innovation.. and also market cost..


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