Google Chromecast gets updated with 7 new apps

Google Chromecast just got an update with additional apps to work with it. The update automatically kicks in once you run the device on your TV.

Just saw the update yesterday morning after setting up the TV in my room. The update took quite a while and hanged up several times until it was completely downloaded and installed (I just pulled the plug and re-insert it every time the update hangs up).

The new apps include podcast channels, online TV networks and cloud media services — Red Bull TV, Plex for Android, Viki, Real Player Cloud, Avia, Revision3 and BeyondPod.

All, except one, are free to download (Plex for Android costs Php226). This puts the number Chromecast apps to 9 (initially YouTube and Play Music).

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  1. Ninomunoz

    Meron po bang mabibili na chromecast sa mga online stores? Available na po ba ito dito sa atin?

  2. Actually, mejo matagal na yang mga apps na yan. If I can remember it correctly mga November pa nakikita ko na yang mga apps na yan. I’ve been using Viki and Revision 3. Hopefully, since nai-release na yung Chromecast SDK e madagdagan pa. :)

  3. These new apps were out since last december 10. Plex and Avia require in app purchases for Chromecast to work.

  4. Yup, I think these apps became available in December. I had a short lived experience with Chromecast. When it first came out, I was really excited to try it out. But then when I got the chance to try it, it got old very quickly. I’m glad though that I got the chance to review it on my blog. I just borrowed Chromecast from a friend; he bought it from Amazon.

  5. Google Chromecast is improving day by day, these apps will help this device to be popular.


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