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April 12, 2013

Google Inactive Account Manager: Ready for the afterlife

Google has finally given its users an option to manage their accounts even after they’ve passed away. Using the Inactive Account Manager, Google users will be able to select a number of options on what will be done with their account after some time on inactivity.

The time-out period is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or a year. A month before expiration, Google will either email you on your secondary email or send an SMS to an assigned number.

You can also tell Google to alert friends or relatives and even share your data with them. The last option is to completely delete your entire Google account and all related data.

You can set it right here.

5 Responses to “Google Inactive Account Manager: Ready for the afterlife”

  1. von says:

    Hey sir yuga when will google checkout available for merchants here in rhe philippines i cant publish my android app without google checkout for merchants can you please ask google ph..

  2. Juan says:

    hahaha, pwede mo pala ipamana ung account mo sa iba kung sakaling mawala ka na :D masubukan nga :)

  3. Obed
    Twitter: aloofkid

    This is a old and unpopular technology. Good thing Google is implementing this to its system as most people now a days uses Google Mail or Google Apps

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