Google is looking for Philippine Country Manager

It’s been like 5 years since Google significantly invested man-power in the Philippines. They tried to recruit a Country Manager in 2005 or 2006 but to no avail. Looks like they’re going to try again this year.

This is more like a sales and management position so the requirements are a bit tough.

The Position: Country Manager (Philippines) – Singapore

The Catch: The job is based in Singapore, not the Philippines. A bit odd, I know, but Google does not have an office yet in the Philippines ’til now.

The Pay: Six figures? (not sure what currency, hehehe)

The Perks: Cool-factor galore.

The Role: Country Manager (Philippines)

You will manage Google’s sales and business development operations within Philippines. You have deep sales experience, demonstrated general management capability, and a proven ability to build a team. You will be responsible for developing and executing on the overall market strategy within the country. This includes determining the appropriate channel strategy, support model, staffing requirements, partners, target advertisers, and coordinating with functional teams to achieve desired goals. The primary focus will be on top tier client and agency opportunities.

I’m sure a lot of agency folks are drooling over this position (they already have a country consultant though since 2006). Anybody want to apply? Go here. I have some names in mind that might fit the bill and of course, the usual suspects, but can’t share them at this time.

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  1. ikaw nalang, chief. haha!

  2. This means, Pinoy ad spending on AdSense now hit a certain threshold…

    • @Miguel — looks like we’re stating to get Google attention with local AdWords spending

  3. Maybe they’re looking for somebody that qualifies their expectation.

  4. Jepotski

    Sa makukuha sana irecruit niya ako. hehe

  5. FYI: Google have already been tapping Pinoy’s talent locally, their Accounts Payable Process is being handled by a team under IBM Business Services. Not direct hiring though but as far a I know before they got IBS’s service, IBM went through a stringent screening process.

  6. nameless

    Google = High requirements

    AFAIK, You must be a post graduate degree holder and must at least not less than 40 year old. :D

    • Not necessarily, I know 2 google employees(Filipino) that doesn’t have an MS and is less than 40 years old. Though they’re really exceptionally good. :)

  7. i know one too, he’s now in Google AU working in a C++ library he maintained for a period of time.

  8. ok to, cool-factor galore. hehe!

  9. “i work for google” pickup line… will sure get you a chick! (=

  10. Jasin Natael

    Google doesn’t just actually say “Here’s what we need you to do”.

    They ask you what you can do for them.

    And this is true, according to a friend who works for Barnes and Noble, which is right in the same area as Google in NY.

    Also, they went visiting to the BPO i work in. They were the ones who gave out a written exam (IQ exams… with… *shudder* MATH on it) the management team. The account they were bringing was a back office thing for google maps.

  11. eureka

    “The job is based in Singapore, not the Philippines. A bit odd, I know, but Google does not have an office yet in the Philippines ’til now.”

    You know what’s the reason why Google has no firm located here in the Philippines. It’s because of the flawed economic provision embedded in our Constitution. The 60/40 provision limits the foreign investors to own a full investment and have to seek to a Filipino(who have to be filthy rich) to fill the 60% gap. We need to rectify the Constitution now! Constitutional Reform(charter change) should be amend now!


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