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January 23, 2013

Google Philippines formally opens local office

Google Philippines has formally opened their local office today and announced their first country manager, a position that’s been open since mid-2011.

The Country Manager for the Philippines position was posted in July 2011 but the assignment was based in Singapore. In 2012, they were able to find a candidate (Narciso Reyes, formerly of AdMax/Komli Ad Network) and by late last year, they’ve built a team to operate the local office.

The Philippine office is the 5th office in South East Asia where Google has local presence.

The local team is composed of veteran folks from Yahoo! Philippines,, and Ogilvy PR (for several months now, we’ve been hearing feedback from a lot of people that Google was massively hiring a local team).

The job openings/vacancies is mostly in sales, support and probably corporate communications as well. No development team, no editors or product managers (if you’re wishing for a local Nexus roll-out/subsidy, sorry).

Google Philippines will mainly focus on users, localization and advertisers. Most especially the latter (that’s Google Adwords, Adsense and DoubleClick for Publishers).

Check out our story on “What to expect from the Google Philippines Office“.

Update: Ooops! That was the office address of their PR agency, Team Asia.

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35 Responses to “Google Philippines formally opens local office”

  1. Doc Jesus says:

    Uy! Buti naman meron na Google dito. :D

  2. Tin says:

    Does Google Philippines have their own internal audit team or it is being outsourced from outside service provider? What are the possible opportunities for CPAs in Google Philippine Office?Thank you. I’m really interested.

  3. Hi,

    Meron po ba dito nakakaalam ng contact number ng google philippines kasi ang hirap i search. Need ko po kasi ng tao from google para mgsubmit ng proposal para ma advertise ang company namin sa google website.

    Thank you.

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