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February 28, 2013

Google Settings stealthily sneaks in to your phone

So it seems that Google got too excited in installing their new app called Google Settings on Android devices that they missed out on informing the users about it even in the form of a simple notification.

So what exactly does this app do? Not a whole lot actually. It’s basically just a portal to your Google+ account and the other accounts/apps that are connected to it via Google+ sign-in. Google Settings also provides quick access to your Location preferences for Maps and Latitude, Search and Ads.

google settings

Google Settings is part of the search giant’s push to increase the awareness on their recently announced service coined Google+ Sign-in which, in essence, is similar to what Facebook has done. It allows users to sign in to third-party apps and services using their Google+ credentials, lessening the stress of remembering multiple passwords in the process.

People who are on Google+ amay find this app a bit useful, but for those who are not, it’s nothing but an app with green icon that will likely be left in the dark corner of their app drawer or worse uninstalled.

13 Responses to “Google Settings stealthily sneaks in to your phone”

  1. Kenz Perez
    Twitter: PixelShack

    Nagulat din ako… yung CM Flare ko nagkaroon din ng ganyan…

  2. PJ
    Twitter: peejayreyes

    i just go mine this morning! and i can’t find it in the applications so i can uninstall it

  3. thejorlanb says:

    I thought it was a malware, pero i cant uninstall it so assumed it is legit. Legit nga.

  4. Joel says:

    yes it just pop up and I deleted it but it keeps popping back. I guess if your connected to internet it will install itself even if you delete

  5. Reader says:

    How do you uninstall it? I can’t find the app in the Manage Applications window.

  6. Greg says:

    Nasulyapan ko lang yung title ng post na ito at di ko binasa yung article. Gulat din ako pagbukas ko menu meron na unsolicited G icon. Hahaha. Someones in control… *maniacal laughter*

  7. radioactive_balut says:

    Kasama yan sa Google Play update.

  8. cywel says:

    It’s a useless app. Does this mean google can possibly explore my phone? >_<

  9. benchmark says:

    yep, I notice this one too. Kala ko nga updated na to JB ang motorola ko…hinde pa pala…hehehehe

    Anyway, I really didn’t find it uselful sa akin. I want to delete it, pero sayang eh…fav ko pa naman ang green. hehehe let it just stay there…baka magkaroon ng update na directa mo nang click yun if available na yung updates ng android hehehehe

  10. Edward says:

    Try to disable Google Play Services and it will be GONE. Though I don’t know the consequences for that. xD

  11. michael says:

    invasion of privacy ginawa nila. talagang kaya nilang makaaccess sa phone naten ng walang notification. malamang kaya nilang kunin other infos na nasave sa phone naten.

    • ehyeh says:

      eng eng mo naman, huwag ka na lang mag-smartphone mapa-Android, or Windows 8 or iOS kung yan ang iniisip mo. or better yet, huwag ka na lang mag internet LOLOLOL

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