Reports show Android is more stable than iOS

We’ve come across a report that while apps on Gingerbread crashed the most, Android is consistently more stable compared to iOS. We have the details after the break.

...and the battle between iOS and Android continues. (Source:
…and the battle between iOS and Android continues.

Crittercism, a performance monitoring company, made a State of Mobile report showing that apps running on Gingerbread crashed 1.7% of the time; but ever since it got its ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat upgrades, the combined percentage dropped to 0.7%.

The report then compared it to Apple’s software with the iOS 6’s apps crashing 2.5% of the time, its upgraded version iOS 7 is at 2.1%, and the iOS 7.1 at 1.6%.

It’s pretty interesting how the latest Android versions proved to be the more stable system than iOS when it comes to app crashes. As you can see, Android’s three-year-old Gingerbread version fared just 0.1% higher than the new iOS 7.1.

Device-wise, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 got the most stable award with a crash rate of 0.9%, while Apple’s iPad 2 was at the bottom with 2.6%.

To read the full report done by Crittercism, hit the source link below.

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    Hanep sa debate… parehas silang ok! Nasa gumagamit yan. Ilang % lang naman yan crash na yan. Hindi mo mararamdaman yan. Pwera na lang kung perfectionist ka at makitid pag unawa mo. Peace…


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