What do you think of Google+?

I’ve probably sent out a couple of hundred invites for Google+ yesterday until Google closed the invites for over-capacity. But for those who received an invite and was able to get in, what do you think of Google+?

First, I have to say the simple and very clean design works best but it still reminds me of the usual Facebook Wall. What really separates it from FB is that you are able to segregate your friends from the get-go — it’s like how Friendster used to do it before. The Huddle feature is also interesting.

The good thing is that there’s a web app you can use from your phone and an Android app you can install (still limited to the US though) which really helps how you use the service (just look for the APK and download it to your Android phone or tablet). Oh, there’s a check-in feature here too!

So, going back to my question — what do you think of Google Plus?

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  1. jayx3m

    sir yuga pa-invite din po ako jayx3m@gmail.com

  2. wala pang games and apps. para ma-hook ang mga tao dito dapat may magandang games and apps..

  3. AWESOME! Facebook is so going down :D

  4. Brutus

    I love Circles, Hangouts and Huddle

    Circles will allow you to post that can only be seen by specific friends from your list

    Hangouts is good for event planning

    and Huddle will be the killer app for Google+ specially if this feature is also available for the desktop version and if they will have also a version for IOS, BB and Symbian. From what I’ve seen, it’s only available with Android. it’s like BBM on steroid. no matter what phone you have, you can have a group chat with all your friends that has a Google+ account

  5. First of all thank you to Abe for the Invite!!!
    So heres my 1 day review…..

    I like pretty much the whole make-up and ideas of sharing. I love the ease of sharing and uploading photos. As a long time user of Picasa it is very nice to have all my pictures integrated without having to upload again. Also the auto upload from my phone is just amazing and time saving. As far as sharing pictures video and web content goes google plus definatly has a huge edge on the competition.
    I have not enough contacts yet to try the hangout feature but can definatly see using that as a great feature for video conferencing with family in Canada in the future.
    Huddle is great on android and is really fast
    Spark i was actually surprised with to be honest. I thought it was gonna be an advertisement and marketing gimmick and it turns out to be an excellent source of information on my interests. I’ve only played with it alittle bit but it finds a wider array of content relating to my interests then searching it on Google. When you get a chance try it out. Like i said i was surprised.
    Circles are really great in the idea of it. One thing though is when you port all your facebook contacts it takes a very long time to organize them. Very long! You can easily port your contacts through a Yahoo mail account.
    Stream on the Android app is Better then on the Web i think because of the Nearby Stream which lets you see what people near you are Streaming Publicly. Great for advertising events and finding out whats going on around you. This could be an excellent tool for mass communicating community events. I hope they add this to the browser version of plus also

    All in all i think Plus is a winner! Many things I like about it and the usefulness is definatly there and time saving like i said for pictures and video sharing. I can’t wait till more people start using it and we can really test out some of the group features better. The one thing i would have to say bad about it is just working out the kinks. it freezes up a bit when you add 500+ facebook contacts and try adding them all into your circles. Also the interface could use a little refining though i understand this is still not a final product. Other then that I find it very refreshing and more to my taste then the other social networking site.

    Thanks again to Abe for the invite. If i ever meet you in person i owe you a drink. :)

  6. Hi, I’d really love a google + invite, if it’s still available! My email is vlrainbow@gmail.com. Thanks. :)

  7. wala pa po ako invite abe,

  8. hi invite me if pwede na sya salamat po

  9. hello! are google+ invites still available?

  10. Freakymantis

    send me an invite too! thanks!


  11. Heard about the huddle and circles too. It’s interesting. :J

  12. I have tried Google+ yet but based on the comments I read it looks promising. But how about games? isn’t it that those game apps boosted facebook’s popularity specially to Pinoys?

  13. Kweku Clyde

    +1 Using Picasaweb as it’s photo/video storage is a great +1 for me, can store up to 1000 photos per album! And if your photos are below 2000pixels I think, it’s unlimited storage and doesn’t eat up your free 1GB storage limit.

    +1 Hangout is way too cool

    +1 Circles, a great and easy way to segregate friends/family/etc. That way your posts don’t get shown to the wrong people, I know FB has groups, but way too tedious for me.

    +1 Slick interface, clean.

    -1 Haven’t convinced more people to move to G+

    -1 no Apps/Games yet

    The biggest +1 for me, it hasn’t been blocked by my office yet hehehehe

  14. Lothair

    pls pa.invite po abe . eto po email add ko . lothair10@gmail.com . thank you po !


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