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August 24, 2005

YPN beats AdSense

I read from Darren’s post that JenSense compared Yahoo! Publishers Network and Google AdSense during her radio appearance last week.

Jen summarized Paul Scrivens indicated that his YPN earnings in the last few months have gone to almost 10 times that of his AdSense earnings before the move. A 1,112% increase for the month of August has convinced him to move all contextual ads on all his blogs to YPN. A wise move if you’re getting that much difference anyway.

My only concern here is that a lot of other factors have contributed to the staggerring results that favored YPN.

  • There were only a few selected (by invitation) publishers which could skew ad delivery density.
  • Fewer publishers mean less impressions and clicks which may result to higher eCPM.
  • Higher click-throughs compared to AdSense. YPN ads uses Verdana font (as against Arial for AdSense) which blends well with the rest of the blog.

Trader Mike thinks “Hmm, makes me wonder if Yahoo is giving the bulk of the revenue to the publishers in order to generate buzz and then will ratchet the % down over time as they steal publishes from AdSense.”

While most would hurry and jump ship at a prospect of higher revenue, I would stay put and observe a bit for a couple more months.

11 Responses to “YPN beats AdSense”

  1. mr nice ash says:

    Then AdSense must do a move.

    I wish they would put higher rates on clicks too. And I think they are. Coz they’ll never allow people to switch all on YPN.

  2. markku says:

    Yuga, the data you quoted is not from JenSense but rather from Paul Scrivens of 9rules fame. ;) And I think the speculation that YPN is giving a higher percentage to the publishers to attract them is very valid. But you could always revert to any of the networks, anytime. :)

  3. yuga says:

    I mis-quoted that. Thanks Markku. And yes, YPN could really benefit from all the buzz and hype of higher publisher earnings if they intend to even dent Google’s market share.

  4. Sassy says:

    Subukan!!! Saan ang sign up?

  5. Alfie Miras says:

    >>Subukan!!! Saan ang sign up?

    YPN is currently in BETA testing. You have to be invited para maka-join ka. And dapat you`re in U.S. I was invited but I`m not in U.S., so deadma na lang. Some publishers who post in claims that YPN gave a higher CPC than adsense, but YPN ad generates a lower CTR because of some relevancy problem.

  6. Marc says:

    Might just be a marketing ploy to spice up the beta… ;) s’all good though ahhhh the perks of free enterprise!

  7. yuga says:

    Looks like MSN is going to launch their own publisher program too, dubbed adCenter. We’ll hear more about this very soon.

  8. John says:

    I would really like to obtain an invitation for the Yahoo Publishers Network (YPN). If you have one, please send me ,thank you very much! email:510230 at

  9. emspree says:

    how i wish may YPN na, lalo na sa mga na ban ng adsense, ehe.. gusto ko din ma try ung YPN, kasi ung adbrite wala wenta, wala lumalabas na ads. ehe.malas. Yahoo please, ehe.

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